I hate these posts. It aways starts off:
"Hi, I am Mr.BannedGuy's friend"

Then it goes on to say:

"My.BannedGuy told me to post this"

Then something like this happens:

"He shouldn't have been banned, he only do yadda yadaa, and wasn't warned...much"

Then it goes:

"Could you please unban me....I mean...Him. Come on what he did was not that bad, it wasn't even directly against the rules"

And it finishes up:


Come on guys, stop with this stuff. If you don't like being banned, don't be a dumb ass and get yourself banned.

This has been Rant #1 in the records of "Scoobert's FACE Rants". Please stay tuned for more soon.
I'll help you! *goes to talk to Lummox*
(I'm joking, I know you're ranting, not saying you've been banned)
Lol. Yes, people who make these posts shold probably be threatened with being banned themselves, and if that doesn't work, ban them. Banning helped teach me the rules of the sight, I'm sure it'll work for them.
yall have a realy good point,idk why thay always do that any ways and half the time its geting baned from icon chatterx or a zeta rip,why dont thay just go join another server
Meh, it's not like it is a forum post. I encurage everyone to make comments to my old Blog Posts because they are still relevent. Good job, National Necro...Guardsmen. Are you helping to keep an interesting blog post on the face of the earth. I thank the, and suggest you get a spell checker.