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To be delivered to the President of the United States, whoever that might be, on January 21, 2009, post haste.

Dear Mr. President,

As you know, we've had our differences. While there are some things you stand for that I can support 100%, there are also areas where, frankly, you go off the rails and I cannot follow.

Nonetheless, I want to assure you that you have my support and I hope your term is successful. More specifically:

- Where we disagree on questions of how best to achieve a goal we share, I hope you are right and I am wrong. It's the goal that matters, after all.

- Where we disagree strongly on the goal, I hope you won't mind if I wish for your program to stall and go nowhere.

- Where you once held a position I agreed with and you now hold an opposing position, I hope you were telling the truth then and are lying now. It's okay, I understand that all candidates for national office have to engage in this once in a while.

- In those areas where, as we both know, you really don't know what you are doing, I hope you will rely on competent advisors.

- In those areas where, at least from my perspective, you advisors are nuts, I hope you will be making the decisions and that as little harm as possible results from your actions.

I will promise that if you uphold your end of the deal and act in good faith, even if that results in decisions I cannot support, I will not treat you as the right treated Clinton or the left treated Bush. I know that, as was true with both Clinton and Bush, you get up each day wanting to do the right thing and make the world a better place, and I sincerely hope you succeed in that endeavor.

Yours, Deadron (I'll explain the name over beers some day)
Dear Deadron,

I'll be back.

Yours, President Schwarzenegger (likewise!)
Elation wrote:
Dear Deadron,

I'll be back.

Yours, President Schwarzenegger (likewise!)

Too bad Schwarzenegger is an immigrant...

Or atleast I think he is >_>. I mean it would explain the accent.
Wikipedia is your friend. ;-)
That's the accent of the future!
If Arnie ran for pres I would vote for him and he would take California with him.

He is a BAMF.
Too bad it is unconstitutional for him to run.
If the election were held today...the electorate would be very confused about the whole date thing.