We all know some of the more popular ones like Dragonball Z, Naruto, and Bleach. But what else is hot as far as fighting goes to you guys?

You can vote for those if you think they're the best.

And it doesn't have to be a strict fighting anime. Just something with a solid base for fighting.

Just post once and leave a few names.
It all depends on what your personal preferences are. As you know, fighting isn't just fighting because there are so many different styles.

Personally, my favorite anime is Yu Yu Hakusho. I liked most, if not all of the fights throughout the series.

I'm also a big fan of samurais, so Samurai Champloo is one of the good fighting animes as well. The fights weren't that long or epic because Samurai Champloo was one of the more realistic animes unlike, say, Dragon Ball Z, but if you're into sword play that shouldn't matter all that much.

Another decent anime with swords and good fights (and I'm sure many may disagree with me) is Inuyasha. To me, it kind of gives the feel of a combination of Yu Yu Hakusho and Samurai Champloo in some ways.

There's also s-Cry-ed, which I rather enjoyed. I wish I could find the dubbed series so I can download and watch it. I don't really feel like reading subtitles while I'm trying to enjoy the anime.

Rurouni Kenshin was good, though I never got a chance to finish watching it. But, as I said before, I like samurais and swords so Rurouni Kenshin was definitely one of my favorites as well.
Yu Yu Hakusho,One Piece,S-Cry-Ed,Samurai Champloo,Tengen Toppa,Gurren Lagann, Claymore, and Berserk, Guyver, Street Fighter movies.
D.Gray Man, pretty good lots of action and plenty of humor.

Summary by me Zanto:
D.Gray Man is the story of Allen Walker, a 15 year old British boy with snow white hair, who has the power to transform his arm into a 'Anti-Akuma(Anti-Demon) weapon, it shows his path to saving the world from destruction of the Earl of Milenium. I am 2/3 finished with the series.

Uhh... I really don't know any other ones xD!
I can proudly say we can all agree Sailor Moon is the best out there.
Yu Yu Hakusho gotto be up there with the greats! it has great story and is a very violant Anime!
pokemonz is teh shiz
Calus CoRPS wrote:
I can proudly say we can all agree Sailor Moon is the best out there.

This aside. Fate Stay Night. It gets much love from me.
D gray man is cool and luckily it has many types of weapons called "Innocence" at its disposal so there are alot of opportunities for unique weapon creation

(Go with Sailor Moon :) hehe)
I'd go with One Piece , at start the fights were boring , but as the anime advanced and luffy learned hes gears , it got a lot better , and you always get excited to know what Devil Fruit does a person have XD
i liked bleach a lot so could you bring it back online?
also on the note of a new game i would say fate stay night
Samurai Champloo,Tenjho Tenge, or One Piece.
To Hell with the Anime and other Japanese creations (besides Bleach), put some American, British, or anything created by anyone not on the continent of Asia. For a fighting game try a bit of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, He-Man, Power-Rangers (Use to love 'em), UFC, even "Thundercats" would be great.
I never liked power rangers when i was in kindgraton and pre school i didnt watch power rangers people at my scholl were talking about it i still didnt want to
when i was 4 that when my body was mind was fully finshed because i cant remember much such when i was 1 2 or 3 last thing i remember was when i was 4 i woke up and the fight with freiza and goku were fighting when the plant of namek was about to explode
Shut the fuck up double poster.
ok the show i like are bleach,dbz and naruto and i also thought there the most populary games on byond there so many bleach dbz and naruto but my favorite are bleach naruto dbz death note yu yu hakusho i thought was awesome i want them to make a secoud series and let see yu gi oh its kinda good pokemon a little bit and there a really old one called i forget but it was kinda like byacagun
Yu Yu Hakusho, One Piece, Samurai X, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Fullmetal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Ronin Warriors, and prolly more i cant remember.