Azusa: Battle of Gods

by Inutaishos
Azusa: Battle of Gods
Game inspired by the classic Knights of Zodiac (Saint Seiya), Check out the RP and the PVP servers!
You can download the standalone client here: azusa-generations-v2-zip

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The Great War
The Great War happens every 300 years, its when the magic armors are revived and a new Death Lord (or new heroes) are picked. The Death Lord rules the underworld, and forces the dead to wear his underworld armors to become his Reapers/slaves, completely removing their human kindness and turning them into demoniac puppets; the heroes fight the underworld army to protect their friends and family.
This war basically last until the Death Lord and/or all the Elite Guardians are defeated, to be part of this all you need is to become a guardian, through RP Points or events.
If you die, you can end up becoming an underworld reaper and fight for the evil side to kill the ones you once called friends, or you can refuse to wear the underworld armors and wait for your friends to rescue and revive you using the relics!
When the war ends with the good side wining, earth gets 300 years of peace, and this era is called "Azusa"; the next wipe (next war) will start with alot of advantages to the good side, more opened ranks, etc. When the evil side wins, earth gets doomed for 300 years, and anyone that helped (Reapers that lasted until the war ended) may keep their underworld armor and their character (Not their stats) for the next war, since no one could kill them, and they are already dead and wont die of age; They end up being the rulers of earth at the start of the next wipe (next war). The story of every war is recorded in the story log page! So roleplay and fight for your character's place on Azusa history!

Guardians, Reapers and Skills
You can learn skills using Skill Points, and the skills can be used through the Skill Window (You can also set hotkeys for your skills). Skills are organized in two types, the class(civil) skills and the Combat (mostly for guardians/reapers); Guardians/Reapers are basically the heroes and villains that are granted magical armors, and with them, super power to fight in the great war. You can become a guardian/reaper at important events or with 500 Roleplay Points; There are around 2 different skills to each armor and new armors are added everytime! Check them out in game!

Creating your Character
This one is pretty intuitive, the arrow buttons will change the options, and the other button will customize the colors, you can read more about the classes in the class guide, but you get a short description on the box below it, it is considerably shorter. You can get multiple classes as you progress in the game with Roleplay Points (Sometimes called RPPs) or getting to a certain level (100). Pay attention at the spawn point you pick, the options might change depending on the wipe's story (ingame war), the spawns can be customized ingame by the players, like if you build a city you can make a spawn point there; but overall the main spawn point is the City of David.

Status and Nutritions
To advance on Azusa, you must first understand the importance of food and nutritions, on your status window you can see your physical stats, "Strenght (Str), Endurance (End), Force (Forc), Resistance (Res), and Speed (Spd)" When you train you will increase these values, but to increase them your character must be fed and well nourished, each different food has its own nutrition value and when you train you basically gain more on a certain status in exchange for some of your nutrition. You can check your nutritional values by pressing the arrow button like shown on the picture to the left.
The Skills are what we call learnable status, nutritions wouldn't affect those, like for example Attacking and Defending are basically how well you can fight, regardless of your body buildings.
Skill Points and Levels are very important in Azusa, Skill points are used to learn your class abilities, and in the future to learn your armor's skills, so save them!
You gain Skill Points and Levels while doing basically anything on Azusa, and every training method will increase those;

You can see the list of default macros on the hotkeys list at the top of your screen, however you can edit and customize them as you want by pressing the "Hotkeys" button like shown. It's pretty simple, it will ask you which key you want to set as a hotkey, and the next one will ask you the name of the command you want to use: Train for example (shown on the image), you could use others like "Who" or "Rules", always separating the name with "-" instead of spaces, if you want to hotkey "Admin Help" you would need to type it as "Admin-Help" in the second box. You can hotkey basically every command in the interface with this method, if you have any questions feel free to ask in-game on the Out-Of-Character chat (OOC).

Gathering Food and Resources
At the start the easiest foods you can get are apples, oranges and chicken meat. You can get fruits by hitting/punching a tree (Z to Attack), keep hitting it and you will take the tree down and some wood will drop (Keep in mind that it will take quite some time with a low level and just your empty fists, an Axe will make it easier and faster). You can get meat by hunting wild animals; however there are other methods to get better quality food, like a meal or breads from a cook, vegetables from a farmer, etc. Also, defeating the bandits can grant you some breads and fruits.
The same way you got resources from trees you can get from mountain walls, breaking out some stones of it. Gathering resources is also considered a training method.

The Rest and Train command can be found on the skills menu; it's basically a self shadow sparring, but it's not the only nor the most effective way to train on Azusa; here is the list of the most common training methods: (order from highest to lowest level gains)
- Spar: (Good for training every status) Its basically fighting other players. To get even higher gains while sparring, hit the person once, and wait for a few seconds before hitting again, this way you will fight longer and keep the spar gain for a longer time!;
- Punching Bag: (Good SP, Str and Atk gains) All you need is a Punching Bag, that can be built by an experienced Wood Builder, and hit it ( Z to Attack), try not to destroy it!;
-Fighting NPCs: (Good for Level and SP gains) Whenever you fight an NPC, make sure to press E to kill it after you Knock it out (KO it) for experience (exp) and loot!;
-Self Train: (Good for Str and End gains) It's basically using the Train command at the Skills Menu;
-Study: (Good for SP, Level and Skills) Everyone start with some basic books, to read them simply right click it in your inventory! This is the main way to increase skills like Building, Forging and Cooking!;
-Sleep:(Good for Force and Resistence): All you need is a bed or a sleepable furniture, like thrones and right click it!

Everything is buildable/destroyable; the map, cities, everything can be changed in game. Players can build/form their own houses and towns, all you need to create your unique home is the right materials and knowledge! Higher Wood Building skills will allow you to build more wooden objects, the same goes for the Stone Buildings, (You can check the list for every buildable object on the Building Guide Page). To start building simply right click the resource (Wood or Stone) and select the 'Build' option. The building window should now appear, to build all you have to do is double click the object you want (Make sure to plan everything before building, you don`t want to run out of resources!)The Basics books will allow you to get your building skills up to level 10, however you can continue increasing your building levels by using Roleplay Points or buying better books from a Builder(Class)

There are some Dungeons around the world that you can explore, however it takes around 3 hours to be able to go in this dungeon again. Dungeons are filled with mob and usually have one or more Boss, you can't leave the Dungeon untill you defeat the Boss. These places are really dangerous since Boss can actually kill you, so avoid going to a Dungeon alone or unprepaired!

Dungeons are great to gather some rarer items, like swords, axes, or even one of the relics! capable to give you some usefull abillitys that can make all the diffrence in the Great War!


Subscribers get:
*Abillity to Set a Spawn Point
*Extra hairs
*60% chance at making Custom NPC, while players have 1%
*Can create as an Angel
*Can create as a Demon
*Can create as a Kappa


Concept arts: Inutaishos
Pixel arts: Murilo, Inutaishos
Turf arts: Mack tileset, Celianna, Lunarea, Inutaishos
Story: Inutaishos
Programing: Inutaishos
Owner: Inutaishos

That is a nice line drawing! Add texture and tone to make it look perfecto.
Mt loco esse jogo , mal posso esperar vc acha q vai ter um serv BR? (provavelmente n duraria mt como no pkmn eu acho...)
Vai ter um servidor BR sim, mas vai comecar com um servidor de RP teste em ingles, dps qndo lancar oficialmente devo lancar o BR e o gringo ao msmo tempo,
na verdade isso vai depender do numero de admins aptos me ajudando e tals
Que loco *-* , to ansioso pra jogar o/
e mais uma coisa quando eu tava jogando tem uma parte que vc consegue construir coisas com pedras e madeiras, certo?
Consegui construir com Madeira , derrubando as arvores
Mas como q eu pego pedras? essa parte n entendi :/ , o jogador precisa de alguma picareta ou algo parecido?
Soh atacar as montanhas
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aah ta vou tentar agora xD
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First impressions are positive, the only thing that I don't see as good is the wipes.
Player's devoting hours to a game only to have their characters destroyed is a bit silly and uncalled for.

If you could come up with a way to "restart" with some of the skills your old character had, that would probably keep players. As things stand tho I have to be honest I probably wouldn't play this game under normal means knowing that my character would get wiped (it would be a waste of time to me)

Also....this file is HUGE o_O