Azusa: The Olympians War

by Inutaishos
Azusa: The Olympians War
Poseidon, Athena, Zeus, Pandora and Hades are in a Great War to define the destiny of Humans! What side is yours? (Inspired by Knights of Zodiac, Saint Seiya)
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Since mythological eras Hades been trying to turn earth into his realms by killing every creature. But always when the evil appears, young humans wearing the legendary olympian armors have fists strong enough to cut the sky and open craters on earth, risk their lives to save the world; They are known as Olympian Guardians, backed by the Gods in Olympo, Zeus, Poseidon and Athena been fighting to define the destiny of earth!


Dynamic World: Everything being Buildable and Destroyable depending on your resources and power;

Complex Civil Gameplay: You can play as a normal person and yet have a complex gameplay, being able to build, hunt, tailor, cook, be a musician, etc;

Time and History: As the game progrides, and humans dies of old age, you can play as your next generations; and everything in the game's world is affected by players action; You can fight to define the destiny of your next generations and become a historical hero!;

Custom NPCs: You can defeat a Bandit and convince him to become your worker, as a Civil NPC or a NPC that works for you, selling your items and relics!;

Strategic Combat: A verry fast turn system allows players to experience exciting combats, while working with friends to defeat stronger enemies using unique strategies, you can also experience the fast-freedom of a realtime battle!

Player Made Towns/Citys: Azusa is so dynamic that even cities, clans, towns, can be created by players as the history progride, the opposite can happen too as cities can be completelly destroyed during a war!

Angels, Demons and Gods: Angels, Demons and even Gods are played by real players, and as the Great Wars happens you can pick what God to fight for, and that will define completelly the world for the next generations! Pick between Poseidon, Athena, Almighty, Hades and Pandora; Even while you can't see Angels and Demons they are around, and can talk inside people's head and lead them to the right or wrong path!

Guardians: The humans that decided to fight for a God, are called Guardians, they wear ancient armors based on life forms that gives them super powers, needed to fight the army of the opposing gods; There are over 60 armors (Counting the variations) and more are added monthly; Each Guardian have their own skills and powers! Pick wisely your armor and have fun!

Guardian Tiers: There are tiers and a "Hierarchy" of armors, the common ones are the Ordinary Armors; and is the most common type of Guardians, as every God can have an ordinary Guardian: However every God have a stronger hierarchy of armros: They are usually golden and are named depending on their Gods; Almighty are Elites (based on epic qualitys, such as Love, Truth, Justice and Peace); Athenians are Zodiacs (based on the 12 zodiac signs); Poseidon are Marines (Based on oceans).

Hades Reapers: They are humans that died and ended up mind-washed by Hades, forced into become a fiercy followers of him, and are given armors made by the Death Lord; they work as ordinary guardians, but their armors are based on humans flaws. Reapers can go back to earth trough Hades's portal and fight their previous friends, but now in name of Hades. Reapers also have a stronger tier; they are called Princes of Underworld.

Dungeons and Relics: There are many Dungeons in Azusa, each one protected by a Boss, those usually collect treasures called "Relics"; Relics are historical items that during previous wars ended up absorving their Guardians powers, and recently they can be used as a source of power; Each Relic have its special function and unique skill, from enchanted flowers able to drain blood to magical rings that gives the wearer invisibility! Relics can really makes the difference in combat so, good luck colecting them!

Unique Nutrition System: In Azusa everything you eat actually matters, when you train your character you will convert Nutrition into Status. Each food will give a certain amount of Nutrition to each kind of status, so eating a cooked meal is way better for your training then a raw meat. Experienced players know how to feed properly their characters before training!

Many training Methods: Tired of doing repetitive things to get stronger? In Azusa there are over 6 different training methods, and each one is good depending on your playstyle! And the methods vary depending on your situation. We have from half afk training methods, full afk training methods or, the best ones, active training methods; and there are like exercises to get your strenght and endurance up faster; charge cosmo to get force and resistance faster, and even sparring your friends to get your fighting skills up are great for developing your character at Azusa! Also not to mention the classic methods of killing creatures and leveling up... Everything depends on your playstyle!

Unique Roleplaying Gameplay: A completelly different concept to Online Gaming is here; A mix of table RPGs and online RPG results into a enforced roleplaying enviroment that you develop your character as if he is part of that world, and as you interact with other players your characters story grows and becomes relevant to a point you can change completelly the entire world's destiny! Everything in Azusa is based on players story progression, there are some different rules for this to work, I suggest you check them ingame!


Concept arts: Daniel Bretas(Maquina sem Tempo),Inutaishos
Pixel arts: Murilo, Inutaishos
Turf arts: Time Fantasy, Inutaishos
Story: Inutaishos
Programing: Inutaishos
Owner: Inutaishos
Music/Sound Effects: Artur Wilson (Evil_Masterpain)
That is a nice line drawing! Add texture and tone to make it look perfecto.
Mt loco esse jogo , mal posso esperar vc acha q vai ter um serv BR? (provavelmente n duraria mt como no pkmn eu acho...)
Vai ter um servidor BR sim, mas vai comecar com um servidor de RP teste em ingles, dps qndo lancar oficialmente devo lancar o BR e o gringo ao msmo tempo,
na verdade isso vai depender do numero de admins aptos me ajudando e tals
Que loco *-* , to ansioso pra jogar o/
e mais uma coisa quando eu tava jogando tem uma parte que vc consegue construir coisas com pedras e madeiras, certo?
Consegui construir com Madeira , derrubando as arvores
Mas como q eu pego pedras? essa parte n entendi :/ , o jogador precisa de alguma picareta ou algo parecido?
Soh atacar as montanhas
(Detalhe que voce aumenta sua habilidade de construcoes lendo um livro, e quao maior for sua habilidade, mais coisas voce pode construir)
aah ta vou tentar agora xD
Vlw o/
Vish...ja n da pra tentar ahsahsah >.<
First impressions are positive, the only thing that I don't see as good is the wipes.
Player's devoting hours to a game only to have their characters destroyed is a bit silly and uncalled for.

If you could come up with a way to "restart" with some of the skills your old character had, that would probably keep players. As things stand tho I have to be honest I probably wouldn't play this game under normal means knowing that my character would get wiped (it would be a waste of time to me)

Also....this file is HUGE o_O