Many gratifications to digitalmouse for his server-fu in fixing the SSH foo. Champions of Vargacet is back online, now with the ability to fight solo against the (crappy stupid) computer if there's no one to play against or you just want to mess around.
Heh heh.
you might want to consider setting the AI skill level to equal the player's characters.. then it comes down to just tactics as apposed to skill... and working on the AI logic of course :D good job Leftley! keep it up!
Play with are sick....OHH ...OHHH i see kool nice one <.<
First off, I tried, it wouldnt let me 'Play with myself' but I do enjoy playing against the CPU, the game keeps on getting better! Keep it up, Leftley
Well, I tend to play with myself at the same time as playing the CPU...