I first watched this movie several years ago. At the time, my impression was that the first half-hour or so was almost hypnotically absorbing, and that Kylie Minogue really knew how to shake it, but the rest of the movie was a lot slower. After watching it again tonight, I'd say that, though my initial impression was correct, the rest of the movie is much better than I gave it credit for the first time around. Let's face it, though, the Bohemians were the dirty hippies of the fin de siecle period, and the movie would have benefited from a final scene that saw them all mowed down with a Maxim gun.
Let's see, I remember people doing cartwheels, lots of colors, lots of fast cutting...

Not much else sticks to the brain though!
Coincidentally, we did some late summer cleaning of our garage and found Moulin Rouge amongst the generic trash.

And I remember thinking, Obi Wan cannot be singing showtunes... it just reeks of blasphemy. It's a pretty tight movie; ushered in a few more music based movies in the years following.

Kylie Minogue was on for like, three seconds though, eh?
I've only seen part of it on TV. I've always forgotten to rent that movie. Maybe I will soon now that it came up again. :)