I've noticed that alot of development teams on BYOND tend to name their games after their team. Does anyone besides me wonder why? Three examples of this I can think of off the top of my head are:

After-Life Productions
- Yu Yu Hakusho: After-Life
- Bleach: After-Life

Cybork (I don't know if he has a production team)
- Naruto Lost Shinobi
- Bleach Lost Soul
- Dragon Ball Z Lost Saiyans

Evolution Gaming
- Naruto Evolution
- Starwars Evolution
- Avatar Evolution

Now, I'm not saying this is a bad thing. I'm just curious as to why teams tend to name every game the same, whether or not it makes sense with the overall theme. This isn't any sort of flamebait or anything, so I ask that people don't come here to start arguments and insult each other. I'll delete any post I deem offensive or spam.
It's because no one is capable of thinking of a good name for a game. A perfect example is that Bleach Lust Of Obscure Destruction shit.
Why the hell do you think there's all those generators for everything? Randomness > human creativity
It's like when you're five years old and you have to put "By (Your name)" on all your little crayon drawings. It's just good branding.
That can easily be done in the game design or hub.
Sarcasm. But yea it's pretty dumb.
These are people who refuse to come up with their own ideas. Of course they're going to use the same subtitle on every one of their "projects."

If your brain hurt every time you tried thinking would you want to create a new title every time you took a shit on someone's source code?
Don't forget they had death note after life. I told the guys programmer to tell the project leader to change the name.

But it's better than names like, "Naruto Ninja Pansys Revenge", isn't it?
Agreed. Most names people decide for their games suck. Also, naming the game after their team saves them the trouble of thinking of a good game name for days/weeks.
really pick a title that suits the game itself as a whole, Naruto GOA (grand online adventure), its title tells me its a large online game base on naruto where as Yu Yu Hakusho: After-Life or Bleach: After-Life tells me its base on yu yu hakusho/Bleach and you die??
I suppose it's a better alternative than the nonsense rippers come up with. Seeing shit like Final Resurrection (Dragon Ball Z game) and Naruto: Kyuubi Rage 2: Kyuubi Vs. Curse Seal makes me wonder how long people think before coming up with a game name. A game's name should reflect something major in the game, not just random words and shit from the anime.
I was like lol when I saw this, my game Yu Yu Hakusho:Two Worlds, Then My bleach game Bleach Lost Worlds. I think we just name it that because we don't want to think of another name for a few minutes. That's how I go by it.
Rasengan3oo4 wrote:
I was like lol when I saw this, my game Yu Yu Hakusho:Two Worlds, Then My bleach game Bleach Lost Worlds. I think we just name it that because we don't want to think of another name for a few minutes. That's how I go by it.

Kinda how i came up with the name for my game (Ghost Files: Age of the Youkai) yu yu hakusho based, yet most people refer to it as yu yu hakusho when its title is 'ghost files: spirit detective yu yu hakusho' if you have finished it you'll know that the entire story was only to chronicle yuusuke's time as spirit detective. now that the rant is over, i choose age of the youkai as the secondary title due to it chronicling how the story would progress if we shifted focus away from yuusuke where it ended and watched how demon world developed under it new regime for a few centuries..
Sounds alot like what I told you about my game. -.-
The dark prince majin vegeta wrote:
Sounds alot like what I told you about my game. -.-

kinda ran with the idea but overall its different..
hey i just happened to notice this post. I think i can shed some light on your question. (I work on the Evolution Gaming team btw)It isn't that we are incapable of coming up with "the perfect title". It's just why spend so much time on something that really isn't a crucial benefactor to the game. Yea your game title does mean something because you want to have a game name that will excite and attract players. But the name of the game will only get you so far. What really matters is the gameplay,graphics,etc of the game.Ex: what if GOA was called Groins of Africans... That isn't a very good name is it? But i promise you it would still have the same amount of players it has now not because of its name but because of the actual game. Works the same in Vice Versa,you can have the perfect title but the worse game.Why waste so much time thinking of a title when people will know exactly who made the game after seeing "Evolution" on it.So that basically why we just use our team name.
Actually, that's not quite true. Some of the more intelligent people tend to judge whether or not they should bother joining a game based on it's name. For example, you could take a group of Naruto games and deduce how many of them are rips based off their names. Naruto: Akatsuki Chronicles, Bleach: Lust Of Obscure Destruction, etc., you can pretty much tell they're rips based off the fact their game title makes no sense. Most of the games with ridiculous titles usually tend to house some of the more immature BYOND gamers. A game name can actually tell you alot about the game and it's community.
those that make there games from scratch tend to put a good bit of thought into its title while developing it and i tmay change a few times before they even make the hub for it. my title I came up with after deciding the theme and after going on Majin's idea of set after the story we may have similar themes on the same anime yet the games will be 2 completely separate entities more or less the difference between Wotls and Goa is obvious as will the difference between our respective games (not that either one will suck as bad as wotls...I don't think anything can suck as much as there rips...)
Or.. you could use it for your production team's name..
Evolution gaming have a potential guys =)their games are cool I like the star wars it is awesome
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