Okay so now that BYOND Anime is officially bloated with too many game submissions, I have talked with Tom and we will be having a script run on the guild to prune out all inactive hubs (i suggested 6 months inactivity). Also, ill be editing the current mainpage to replace "A note on quality" with something more relevant, BYOND Anime guidelines for being accepted. It used to be all inclusive, but after some discussion I have been given the go ahead to actually put some personal judgement into which games arent quality enough to be accepted.

So you'll see the criteria for being accepted posted sometime soon. Also I may decide to do what I did for the review system, get a few volunteers who can help investigate pending games and make sure they meet requirements. Chances are game acceptance wont be done "whenever" anymore it'll be done on a once a week or once every second week basis and a list of all the games waiting will be posted in the Anime Forum for these individuals to report on. As BYOND gets bigger, and as BYONDAnime Reached 1000 games, its become important to realize that spam hub entries have watered down this guild and sapped some of the motivation to be a part of it. Needless to say that with higher standards comes higher need for unbias criterion for being part of the guild, and that criterion will not be as strict as most of you would probably hope for but it will be universally applied and let me guarantee you that most of the popular games in BYONDAnime, rip or not, will most likely meet them.
Its about time the anime got clean out. Thanks Masterdan =)
I'd volunteer to help approve pending anime games. I prowl the game list pretty frequently anyway; if I'm wasting my life away anyway, I might as well help somebody out in the process.
Can i kiss you?
Deal, i just made a game judge rank.
First thing will be first, and thats applying the criteria to existing games after the script kills the inactive ones. Ill need help with that. Probably start at game rank numero 1 and work down, chances are they will all pass till you get off the first page but who knows. Regardless ill get a good team of responsible people together.
Also, as called by 4 people

Lord of Rips,

I can help determine if games could be allowed in, Since i deal with Rips, and alot of rips, suck more then they should. etc... god this didnt come out right
I'd be happy to help you come up with some criteria, but I have a few questions and I dun' really know how to go about contacting you. Could you send me a page with your MSN or anything?
by the way we wont be axing all rips, as many have demanded. However the requirement will be that the rip have a certain amount of new features to distinguish it from the source material. This is to cut down on games that just change the GM keys. Thats why i need help. Investigating features and etc.
My e-mail is, feel free to contact me through that (its not msn but i use it)
You know i'll help in any way to make this place better Dan, and my rank is already a Reviewer(Unless everyones is?). Also I could make/help you make a criteria for the submission of new games.
Bakasensei and Unwanted4Murder are both now Game Judges. Ill be making a new forum topic for game submission judgement.
Do we like get our own verbs or anything speacial or do we just have to IM you ripped game names/urls that don't me the criteria.
I wouldnt mind helping fix the problem if able.
Well chris ive added you, join the anime guild if you havnt, unless your simply not a member.
Oh wow. Actual game quality control being enforced for BYOND Anime? Today truly is bizarro day.
Hope that goes well.
I can help judge pokemon (and possibly naruto) games; getting yelled at by players for calling a rip a rip is always funny.
I decided to go through the listed games in the BYOND Anime games.


when you check online, we get a good 3 - 3 1/2 pages of Online games. While when you select all you get 14?+. I looked at ALL naruto Hubs. several are the generic Hub that are either spammed! with pics. or are the generic WOTS rip that i have never seen hosted.
Awesome, about time something is being done with the darker side of BYOND Anime, as I call it. Hey Dan, if you require any assistance from me or my staff just give the word.
Bustercannon wrote:
Awesome, about time something is being done with the darker side of BYOND Anime, as I call it. Hey Dan, if you require any assistance from me or my staff just give the word.

I love you
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