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Some of the best mostly-development-related BYOND Members posts of late. If I missed anything good, post it in the comments!

Fooldom Come ACWraith?command=view_post&post=47210
One of BYOND's best developers is offering a package deal

Getting a bit more complicated now. Tiberath?command=view_post&post=47200
A game design in progress

dmp_suite IainPeregrine?command=view_post&post=47153
Offer your suggestions for the next version of these map-handling libraries

Teh Blobz version 2.4 Vexonater?command=view_post&post=47088
I like Teh Blobz

Configure Kaspersky Internet Security to allow BYOND BYONDHelp?command=view_post&post=46989
Look around -- there are other helpful things here too

Along The Tech Tree: Swallow This! BYONDStrategy?command=view_post&post=46977
Another fine compilation of links and remarks

I hate spyware Hazman?command=view_post&post=46960
Includes a tip for the spyware-afflicted

Poll: Do you know what the Jargon File is? Popisfizzy?command=view_post&post=46932

I contain multitudes: On the creation of a new blog Deadron?command=view_post&post=46883
Good blog, though I haven't commented there yet because it's a place for intelligent discussion

Motivational Rules CalusCoRPS?command=view_post&post=46824
One BYONDer's tips for staying motivated

What Makes a Good Space Game? AZA?command=view_post&post=46701
I do not see "alien chicks in bikinis" in this list

Well, Bioshock was incredibly mediocre SilkWizard?command=view_post&post=46512
Don't make me pull out the "Anya Andersdottir" lecture

DmiFonts: the future LummoxJR?command=view_post&post=46482
This sounds rather promising