Myth has been down a while and no updates because real life has me tied up. Work is pretty insane right now. We just received word of our interim CEO after our old one was suspended. Our organization is having some severe financial difficulties, is in the middle of employee contract negotiations, and attorneys have been leaving the office like rats on a sinking ship so the work is piling up. Fun times! On the upside, I have gotten out to boat or play paintball almost every weekend and have been seeing a new girl (I love how I am almost 30 and still call them girls...). So I haven't really missed messing with my ugly code :-)
Well, I'm sure we'll be around when things calm down ;) I've had to take a break from messing with things as well, although I think I'll have plenty of time after this Sunday to really dig into things.

See you on the flip side =)
I could use a lawyer to whip with a sharp stick, gimme a call.
We're boys and girls until the day we die. Biggest disillusionment I've ever had with growing up is finding out that we don't think any differently when we're older. We just pretend we think differently. (I'm considered really good with kids, and I think this is why: I treat them like I would treat anyone else.)

As far as I can tell, most human beings go through life entirely uncertain of themselves; the "you learn something new every day" applies not only to children but also to adults in their day-to-day lives. The one memory I'll almost never be able to divest myself of is the memory of the man and his girlfriend whose parked car I nudged (whilst moving very slowly). I left my information like a good little Scout and when they dropped by to take a photo of the damage (i.e., paint transfer), the girlfriend could hardly take a photo because her hands were shaking from the unfamiliarity of the situation. I thought about this a lot and wondered how most people would fare in the same situation. Based on what I know of them, most people would act the same way.

Keep us posted on things Myth.