Ahh the update is due in 2 days, a deadline is definately a procrastinators worst enemy and thats why i made it. However due to me pushing in some extra features ( ;) ) i know that everybody will be extra understanding if the game doesnt make it up on time. I still think i can pull it off, but what with unforseen technical issues and having to set up the hosts still and whatnot it might take until Sep1. All im saying is please PLEASE dont count down the hours like lots of people did when i set the beta deadline, its too much pressure! Like last night at 2am people were saying "only one more day till GOA", oh no pressure Dan! :(

At any rate, i added lots of balance modifications and i mean really far reaching ones. This game will be way more fun I believe now that level doesnt have as strong an impact on winning. Some new features such as a redone Sand User system are really going to be well recieved. Also ive decided to code in 2 new jutsu that ive not mentioned yet. If i pass my due date i will totally reveal them early to keep the angry people away from my house throwing plastic shuriken at my bedroom window!

PS: Im helping a friend move in today, so while i am working pretty darn hard on this update i do have a life, thats why im sort of making sure i have some swing here. Although to be honest the update has been going pretty well and i just have to work on the New passive system and War system a bunch more and ill be pretty much done and then i have to just worry about some last minute balance tweaking and ive also decided to circumvent the current and very boring Tutorial system in favor of something a lot easier and helpful.
i swear to GOD it wont be "days" late, I actually am way to busy in september to let it. However if i physically cannot type the keys fast enough to get hte update done in the next less than 48 hours i do hope that people dont try to pager me to death with sad and angry and slightly crazy messages.


Quite really, it's nice of you to warn us, altough I do like to have things set, I don't matter to wait a couple of more days for the game; I mean, what do we pay to you besides love and virtual hugs? Have fun with your life and bring GOA back to life..whenever you can. D:
Hey, dood, don't worry, as long as you bring us the game better and fine, we'll thank you. Now, go enjoy your life. ;)

P.S: Whhat the heck happened to my post...
how can i enjoy my life with all this pressure!! >:O!!
Don't worry, those who can pager you can also see this, so just make a bot and everytime someone pages you with the word 'GOA' you send them this link. D:
or maybe ill
*pulls out a gun*
Ok, but at least give your code to someone who can finish it. I don't care about you, just about the game. XD

Kidding. :p
huh, no i was going to shoot everybody else in the anime guild. What did you think i meant?
Masterdan wrote:
or maybe ill
*pulls out a gun*

Lol...sooo many of the loyal goa fans would be soo pissed...probably go to school and just kill everyone..0.o

Ok, don't the name 'Trilho' isn't on the list, ok? *becomes afraid of Dans will to shoot everybody*
Just try to put GOA up before like 11 pm on the first. I was excited about going to be able to play GOA before I have to go back into hell. (GOA)

I don't mind if it takes a little longer, but that's not to say I won't be sad. :(
Dont worry Dan! -cocks shotgun- I shall protect you o-o
Caedere wrote:
Dont worry Dan! -cocks shotgun- I shall protect you o-o

Cocks shotgun...
Zetsumei, you're really fucking gay.
D; Dan will implode if people dont get GOA tomorrow
o-o bet you 50 bucks he will
protect me? your one of the people im MOST SCARED OF.
Someone just got pwnt...LOL.
Lol I hate you Dan =[ If people form a mob Im not gonna do anything except cause more riot!
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