So today, ECU(Conference-USA) defeated #17 Virginia Tech. Despite VT being ranked, many people aren't calling the win an "upset". In fact, some people even had ECU winning. This brings the following question to mind: "Should ECU be pushed to a tougher division?" If you look at the schedule, we're playing four out of conference games(including two teams that are nationally ranked*). We've won the past two games against nationally ranked teams(We beat Boise State last year in a bowl game). I just think that we should be moved into the ACC, where we could be more competitive. But, I'll wait until I see how we play NC State to really get upset.

*- I'd take a guess at saying VT is not going to be ranked for much longer...just a guess.
Shinkaru wrote:

Alcoholism does not make someone bad. Oh yeah, VT Got MASSACRED...again(Now I'm a horrible person)!
I was surprised. Chris Johnson was an absolute burner last year and I thought EC would have had a downer year. But wow, very nice win against a tough VT defense.
Next week is going to be tough. I would call it an upset if we can win, but it is possible. From the atmosphere on campus, I think we'll have the "12th man" element going in.
Oh wow, East Carolina stomped #8 West Virginia 24-3.
Yeah, I know(I was there). I'm going to make another blog post about it here soon(like later today), but last night was crazy.