Yes, it's true, I jsut got Brawl. Totaly addicted to it, stayed up all night playing the Subspace Adventure the first night lol. WiFi battles are fun, played an IRL friend and a friend from Red Steel. Brawl is just...awsome...

I managed to unlock all the characters, now on to all the stages! (Doubts he will be able to get all the stages) ^_^'

I am hoping to get Battle Revolution soon too, so when I get that, it will most likely by my next addiction. Not that I am complaining about these addictions, the games are so awsome.

I am also hoping to buy some Wii Shop points to buy two games, Pokemon Snap and Paper Mario. Those are two games I always wanted, but never had an N64 unfortunatly. I know a lot of people didn't like Snap but I have played it and I do so don't say anything bad about it as a comment please.

With nothing more to say, I will end it at that.

You loser D: getting SSBB and finishing the Subspace Adventure 4 days quicker then I did T_T (yes, I fail) anyways once you get P:BR I'm gonna own you. Anyways, glad you finally got Brawl maybe tomorrow if you are home I'll hook my Wii up in my room and own you on that too D: