Sort of missed my self made deadline. Got a little obsessed with making the GUI icons for the passive skills look nice... and i went drinking after helping my friend move in... and then i had plans today too.

Okay so im sorry for everybody agonizing over this. I'll be making sure to get it up tomorrow, trust me I want this to be finished more than anybody else!

(but im becoming a perfectionist :( )
Are you fucking crazy? Are you?!
Nah, whatever, I don't mind waiting another day if the icons become better and so does everything else. Because, hey, you were away for 5 months or so, who cares about a little day now...?
By you mean September first? I'm only asking because you made this at like 3:40 in the morning, so at that time, today might have seemed like tomorrow to you.
(but im becoming a perfectionist :( )

That's not a bad thing D: Just means the game's going to be better :D
I'm sure most people wont mind waiting.
Ya, it was till Friday for me with that post xD.
OK dan now im kinda pissed i woke up hella early thinking it was gonna be up and now its not >.> put up the beta then so we can play until the real game is up cause i bet most of everyone waiting to play is going to have to go to school tomorrow. But yeah me Soratami Nightroad and Abel Nightroad have been talking about this for awhile and trust me hes like super mad that u gave him false info >.>

I don't mind waiting too long. I mean the longer the wait, the better GOA will be. We all know that Masterdan works on GOA a lot so that just means more features or better icons ect. but I agree with Igotsnoname, you should put up like an old server, template server just some kind of server. T_T
Take your time Dan. Just make this as Kick ass as possible!
Yes, just don't take that much time.
Even a perfeccionist should conceal both time and perfection. :)
Nicely said >.> Touche
I know I own. D:
Yes.....yes you own too much!

XD I think I messed up with making the word

And why the hell are we spamming Dan's blog? .
._. You tell me, XP
Trilho wrote:

And why the hell are we spamming Dan's blog? .

Dunno lol. Oh....I see how to do the bold thing now XD
*taps foot*

*bundles up plastic Shuriken*
A lot of people are gonna miss school tomorrow lol
I'm skipping so i'll be in the house after my parents leave around 11:00 am, hope it's up by then ;D

XP, Jk. I play Byond in school all you need is the setup and your good, better for me since my digital design teacher doesn't teach us anything and the class is 2 hours long ._.
Are you gonna drop-out school like Kai...?
lol.. no '-'
Luckily I live in florida meaning no school most of the times when a hurricane hits. Alredy missed 2 days of school cause of a hurricane :D
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