What's the best way to deal with TURF that have big icons, if I am using more than one in the same place. E.g. I have a large circle of road, and then a slightly smaller circle of pavement that goes in the middle. If they are both TURF_LAYER one of them sits behind the other (and unfortunatly not the one I want!).

Using TILED_ICON_MAP anything you put on top of another thing, if it was the same layer, always appeared on top.

Do I have to specifically state the layer now? So layer = TURF_LAYER+1 ? To get it to show above? This could be tricky because you can quickly get to the MOB_LAYER which means I will have to move everything up to accomodate them.

Is that the only way? Or am I missing something (I am now just converting my project from TILED_ICON_MAP to TOPDOWN_MAP you see and its a total mess right now since I used a lot of large icons which were split up - its why I have put it off for ages because it a lot of work just to get it to look how it did before lol).
You can place turfs into other turf's overlays on the map editor, or at least I think that is how it works. And another thing is, if you are editing a bunch of layers to your atoms I would suggest using numbers instead of the built-in variables OBJ_LAYER, MOB_LAYER, TURF_LAYER, etc.