No, I'll probably never program in DM again for a few reasons (not that it's bad, it's a fantastic language, actually).

However, I learned I had been a bit addicted to social networking websites because of my social life going into the gutter, and had been wasting far too much time that I don't have for such trivial crap.

Don't ask me about Gwabs because I'm kind of out of the loop now. They got some more funding early this year and that's pretty much all I've heard. It's NOT a scam (I worked on the engine, so I'd know), so stop saying that, but whether or not it'll become vaporware, I couldn't tell you. If their lack of corporate transparency upsets you, send them a message.

I won't be making games for a few years. I just don't have the time and have a whole lot more to learn beforehand to make my career concrete and span all forms of information technology. I also have to wait until I'm good with 3D modeling.

OR I could start my own company and use employees, but I will need some more business experience, and more money. If I can make Wasatch Trader successful enough, or another project I may think of, then that could be a good chance that I'll start my own game company. But I have to actually make it first, which won't be until early next year when I have perfected enough skills to cool my studying down a bit. That is actually a more likely chance than me trying to do it myself again; not that I won't dip my hand in the design and code, of course ;)

Anyways, since I now have some time on my hands since I refuse to spend it on social networking, I am going to do something productive for myself and for this community that I'd been planning on doing for a long time: I'm going to make a programming tutorial/article website that all programmers and BYOND programmers can benefit from.

I figure I'll have these sections to this website:

General programming tutorials: skills every programmer can benefit from
Newbie general programming tutorials: kind of like my BYOND ones but with far better communication skills
Newbie specific programming tutorials: teaches basic syntax and grammar of a language.
Intermediate programming tutorials: language-specific tutorials on intermediate features.
Advanced programming tutorials: language-specific tutorials on advanced features and techniques.
Code architecture/design tutorials: Advanced tutorials on designing software.
Articles: Blog-style articles, discussions, and news on anything related to the site topics, really.
Security articles: Articles about hacking, penetration testing, and securing your site, applications, or network from intruders.
Career-oriented articles: Articles on how to break into the industry and get paid to program without college.

I'll also be using this blog and possibly chatters (if the oldbies are still there) a lot more.
Who do you define as oldbies? '99-'03?
Just anybody I used to talk to I guess :P
Actually, I'll probably make the DM part of the site open so other people can make articles. Which people only would if it's a great site though so it'll take some time :P

So it might have a DM part, but I'm too far gone from that and out of the loop from that to be a good teacher for it.
Ahh gwabs. I read that cambrian house was bought out by another company (which is why they got "additional funding"). So it seems to be legit and it's probably going to be finished. I received an email on August 15 saying:

It's been a long road, but your patience is going to pay off soon. Our developers are challenging each other to duels on a daily basis, and a private beta is in the offing -- with you at the top of the invite list. Has your contact information changed from what we have on file? Contact so we can cross-reference and make sure you get your invitation.

So it seems things are moving. You mightve blogged about it, but I haven't checked. So, maybe this year?
er, i never got that e-mail. Maybe it is moving along. I think they didnt put us on that list because we were part of development and not the players.

Cambrianhouse sold their "chardox" platform, which is their crowdsourcing platform, to Spencer Trask INC. which I guess would give them more money for gwabs, but doesn't necessarely mean they're going to spend it on gwabs. However, gwabs got $600,000 more in funding this year.

The reason they sold it is because it's not directly profitable. They profit off the ideas it creates, not the platform itself, so it was in best interest of CH to sell that and focus on their projects. Definately not a failure, and CH still exists. They just have a different focus now.

Or at least that's what they say. I get cynical when they never e-mail me.
I'm glad that you've gotten the sense to really knuckle down and get a career for yourself solidified. We're not getting any younger! ;) Since I dropped out of school at 16, and lived the last four years boozing it up and working in retail, wasting my days away - dreaming of some day being a musician and film director, I've come to realize how much of a vice that lifestyle I was living can be. If you don't make your escape early enough, that's you for the rest of your life! I've been doing my foundation year in digital film via correspondence and I'm off to University next year to Wellington's film school department of the uni. :D That's where Peter Jackson lives. ;)

So CHEERS to us and success in the future! :)
All that's changed in DM since you "left" can amount to a 5 hour seminar on making an awesome GUI.

Also, WB @ U
haha yeah. I know nothing about the whole GUI thing other than that it uses stylesheets.

Heya Sinyc, I hope I get a chance to catch you on MSN here soon.

Peter Jackson? Psh. I could go to the university Maddox goes to. That's way more awesome =)