Very, very tempting. But it's beta, so I'll stick to FF for now.

Speaking of which, what will happen to FF? With chrome's new JSVM (inc. compilation to bytecode!) and other awesome features, I can't see there being much need for FF. :S

Something I'm not digging about Chrome: the reasonably small (esp. on my resolution? 1680 by 1050) to hit close tab button.
Three words: Extensions, Extensions, Extensions.

Perhaps one day Chrome will rival Firefox in extensions, but that day is not today. I have my Firefox customized to my exact wants, so why would I move to something that doesn't let me do the same?

Mouse Gestures, Adblock Plus, NoScript, Download Statusbar(Chrome has a download bar, but it can't be customized the way DSB can), BetterGMail, and GreaseMonkey just to name a few. These are all must-haves for me. Now, I like Chrome's private browsing ability, that Safari and IE 8 beta already have, but I have a feeling there is an extension for that too. But my Firefox is already more slim than Chrome(in screenspace), yet I get more functionality.

Time will tell, but I doubt Chrome will match Firefox in my heart any time soon.
All that being said, I like more competition in the browser market, it has taken IE from a piece of junk in IE 6 to what could be a usable browser in IE 8. And to compete with IE 8 and Opera 9.5, Firefox 3 had some major gains in stability, interface, and features. One more browser will keep the race going.
I DO love Firebug and Web developer (and FireFTP and Download Statusbar).
Oh yeah, Web developer is a must as well, but only when I'm in "Developer Mode", so I could do without having it in my main browser.
I have a problem with the "Stop" button. Personally, I think it should be placed along with the Back and Refresh buttons.