Unlike those *other* BYOND bloggers who just tell you they have Chrome, I'm providing a link to Google's comic-book explanation of Chrome's raison d'etre. I was born to make "The More You Know" commercials, except I don't have any kind of celebrity that would justify putting me in one of them.

The comic is by a guy who has a theory about how, since the Internet doesn't have paper pages, comic layout for the Internet should be all wacky and stuff (although this seems pretty conventionally laid out, from the first ~12 pages I've read). Deadron mentioned him to me a few years ago and, like so many things reliable sources have mentioned to me over the years, this dude has bounced around my head ever since without providing any tangible benefits. Except maybe Chrome. Anyway, I'll try to finish reading the comic at work tomorrow. From what I've read so far, I do like the idea of Chrome.
I wasn't really convinced I needed a new browser, and I'm still not, but that comic has made me curious. At the very least I'll be downloading some plug-ins for FireFox 3 that mimic Chrome features.
That opening tab 'overview' type thing sounds like its got potential.
If you go to YouTube, look up the google account there. You can see videos of the developers talking about the browser that is very similar to the comic. I never knew about the comic until I had already watched a few of the videos, and the comics are basically read versions of the videos it seems.
I linked that, so shut up.
Speaking of layout on the web, xkcd is an excellent proof of responsible use of the flexible size of web pages. Each strip he does uses whatever layout makes sense for that particular concept, and it works quite well.

Today's is a huge page-wide single frame, but what's most importantly, it's about pancakes!
I should bookmark xkcd -- it's often very funny (and nerdy).