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Poké Ball
So, I've been working on a Pokémon game.
It's not like the other ones on BYOND.
The other ones on BYOND, regardless of whether they are source rips or original code, they are all the same thing. (Except for a few of them.)

In those games, you are a trainer and you catch Pokémon by using a Poké Ball item and hoping that it works, since you can't weaken them first and there is no strategy or skill to it whatsoever.
The battling is very simplistic, with you controlling the Pokémon by clicking on the screen, and making it bump into the enemy.
It's not a very intelligent battling system.
As for the training, you either click a verb repeatedly, or make it into a macro and hold down a button. Or, if you're smart, you can find an auto-click program to click for you. In other words, the training is completely idiotic.
Some games allow you to be a Pokémon as well, and those games usually have a training dummy where the Pokémon will stand there for hours spamming an attack at the dummy to level up.
So, basically, I get the feeling that those Pokémon games are made by not-so-smart people and played by people who don't know that there's anything better online.

In my game, you will play as a trainer with several different trainer classes to choose from. There are twelve starters to choose from. They are the three starters from all four generations.
The battling will consist of a battle screen and a turn-based battling with 467 different moves that Pokémon learn. There will be type advantages and disadvantages based on the move's type and both Pokémon's types.
The Pokémon will have several stats, including happiness, gender, battle stats, moves, different forms and the ability to hold items. There is also a slight chance of them being shiny and having an alternate coloration.
There will also be several different items, including 17 different Poké Balls and several others.
Basically, the game will consist of most everything from the actual Pokémon games.
It is truly, Pokémon how it was meant to be.

Screenshots of the Pokémon Stat viewer:

Outside at night:

Talking to Professor Oak in his lab:

Choosing your starter:

Walking through the grass at night:

Coming soon!
Looks good! Personally, I could never bother with adding natures or any other very minor, specific, details within the games; I just chose the major ones. All those little specific details just take so long to add!
I'm setting it up using actual game mechanics from the original games, so a lot of those minor details are simply a couple of numbers that are randomly generated and then some equations done on them to determine all of those values.
My friends and I have been thinking about doing this for a while. I started making a map a while back, before my computer went down. I made most of the major overworld features, minus the fog, sandstorms, etc., but I never did anything with it. I can't wait to see this finished though. Are you making a new map, or incorporating the other maps into it, or both?
Sorry for the delay in response, please see my latest post.
Also, I haven't thought about what I'm doing with maps yet.