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OurPad is a handy text editor (notepad) which allows users to share text easily online. Files that are opened and saved with this program are typically the .txt and .dm extensions. Currently, such extensions as .doc and .docx can not be opened by this program.

There are several nifty commands you can use with this program. One is the send button; you can type your information in the text field, press send to allow everyone in the world to view it. Once the information has been sent a new tab will open in the ‘Dream Maker Window’ area. Users can also delete tabs that they are currently viewing; they can also open that current tab into a resizable and movable window.

There are some menu options also, such as New, which clears the text field. Users can use Open to select a file they wish to open. All files opened will be shown in a new tab to the world. Users can also save files; all saved files will be saved where the OurPad files are located.

Features are a nice part in every program, and this has a few which will help developers. OurPad uses Lummox JR’s, Syntax Highlighter program. OurPad also has a built in DM Guide and a DM Reference, which is located under the Help menu. Please note, to reduce accidental deletion, all files that have the same name as an existing file will have its text added to the file’s current text once saved.

After seeing all of this information you may be asking yourself, “How and why would I want to use this program?” Users who are currently working with a team do not always live near each other. This program will allow a better transferring of project files and also allow users to help each other out with current programming problems. Users can also help their friends out with their homework.

The best way to use this program while programming is to either open up your file from File>>Open or copy/type your code in the type field. Once done, press the send button so the world can view your progress.

Special thanks to Tiberath. I asked him to view this program and he suggested the multiple tab system and also helped me with programming some of it.

I will greatly appreciate it if you report any bugs on the forums, also feel free to suggest ideas.
Bug Report: The program will crash if you press the send button and press ok with nothing as the input for the document's label.