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So far, I have added several new maps along with a faction currently being worked on. While creating on these maps I thought to myself, "I wonder what type of maps would come up if I allowed the community to create them?" So I am currently working on a map editor/maker for Fortay. While creating maps, users can select from any existing objects/turfs that are in the game. Anybody will be able to build a map, only BYOND members can upload them. I may possibly offer subscriptions that are around $2.00, so users do not have to dish out $18.00 just to user their maps.

While playing Last Robot Standing one day it came to me, the reason why this game is still being hosted within the current 'anime' crowd is because there is a 24/7 host. I highly doubt this game would be hosted by anyone; it would have the same fate as most original BYOND games. So I was thinking, maybe getting a 24/7 host is what this game needs to get people finally playing it. I gathered a few users at a time when I use to host quite often, but ever since I stopped I have yet to see a server which stays up over five minutes and has more than two people online. I really do not mind paying for a monthly server; I just want my money not to go to waste. So if no one was to still play this game I would not be too delighted, this cash could go somewhere more important such as school.

By the way, if anyone has any good tips with advertising games, please do tell, my dream of creating a great turn based game is slowly fading away.