I'm going to update Dodgeball Online. Nobody plays, and someone is hosting mostly 24/7 (I dunno them, nor have I hired them). But if they have the motive to host with no one playing then the least I can do is update.

(Plus its kinda needed anyway, but keep that on the down-low.)

Mainly, the bugs need to be fixed. Which should be easy.
Then update most of the coding to more efficient standards...
Then a new base icon, with a few animations perhaps? (Darn I hate making bases >=[ )
And then after that, if I'm ~really~ bored. I may add some more balls. Hmm... or something else, I dunno yet.

Anyway, enjoy the updates later today all 0 fans!
Bleach and Naruto
Bug Command diapear cant attack talk nothin
Oh hello ^^ I'm Sayaotonashis (Owner Of Bleach Unforgiven Sins) and just wondering if you have a family code??
xD I like Dodgeball Online