A little old, from 2002, but still interesting. I wonder where this idea stands today.
I think Hawking Radiation is the standard explanation of blackholes' ability to keep sucking in stuff now. Even still, it's a rather unknown area. We can't get close to them, so it's hard to know much(although I am constantly amazed at what we can figure out with telescopes). I've never actually seen that article, nor heard about its ideas, so it's likely that it hasn't gained much popularity.
Yeah, I've never heard of it before this either. I find the thought of our universe being the inside of a galvastar to be highly suspect, at best. It would have to account for the increasing expansion of the universe, which this idea doesn't quite satisfy. Of course, I know nothing about fully warped space time, so perhaps it's toroidal.
Here's a bit more info on the hypothesis from wikipedia:

"Mazur and Mottola suggest that the violent creation of a gravastar might be an explanation for the origin of our universe and many other universes, as all of the matter from a collapsing star would implode "through" the central hole and explode into a new dimension and expand forever, which would be consistent with the current theories regarding the big bang. This "new dimension" exerts an outward pressure on the Bose-Einstein condensate layer and prevents it from collapsing further."

So apparently, the collapsing matter inside the gravastar would be extruded out into a new dimension, with Hawking Radiation from the parent universe's gravastar accounting for the increasing expansion of the child universe.