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While I personally pay no particular attention to abortion fights in the election process, I think it's worthwhile to call out this Obama myth because pro-lifers like The Corner go on about it incessantly.


A anti-abortion group is running an ad featuring a woman who says she survived a failed abortion and that "if Barack Obama had his way, I wouldn't be here." She's wrong. If she'd been born in Illinois, Illinois law would have protected her with or without the "born alive" legislation that Obama opposed and that this group supports.

The Obama campaign countered with its own false ad. It accused McCain of wanting to ban abortions even in cases of rape or incest, when in fact McCain has long supported such exceptions. Obama's ad also attributes the "born alive" attack ad to McCain, when it actually was sponsored by an independent group.

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Was "The Corner" supposed to be a link? It underlines when I scroll over it...
It looks like he malformed the tag when he posted it. This is what shows up:

Hmm... Somehow I can't help thinking of the saying "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." I suspect it applies as much to the medical waste containers as it does to the hotel rooms.
I don't really get the whole abortion debate in america either- in the rest of the world it's pretty much a non-issue.