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Some recent BYOND Member posts of interest to designers, programmers, or artists. Now with almost 100% fewer editorial comments!

Proelium 2.00 released (BYOND 4.0 Interface) SilkGames?command=view_post&post=48554

Repetition Assumption CalusCoRPS?command=view_post&post=48530

Two Dimensions, Infinite Possibilities Geldonyetich?command=view_post&post=48405

The Force, Unleashed! DarkView?command=view_post&post=48309

Along The Tech Tree: Johnni-V BYONDStrategy?command=view_post&post=48271

Fortay 1.4: Release 1721601?command=view_post&post=48206

Eh, some stuff like that review on Force Unleased shouldn't be in there, well I think so anyways. It seems out of topic.
Bakasensei, I included that review because it discusses some specific design decisions in the game, which may make it useful to aspiring game designers.