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Poll: What name should the new website have?

GameSurf 7% (2)
GameGate 28% (8)
GameArch 0% (0)
GameAngel 10% (3)
GameCast 14% (4)
GameShield 7% (2)
GameWave 28% (8)
GameBoard 0% (0)
GamePost 0% (0)
GamePop 3% (1)

The polls are now closed.

Hello Everyone, Since I am starting school, at the University of Phoenix, in about 2 weeks, and am Majoring in Website Design, I have decided to start work on a Project Website, that pretty much, reviews, rates, etc, Video games that come out, I hope to develop it into a Game Design Company further ahead, But before i can do that, I need a name, in the poll i have posted 10 Names, Choose Wisely.

PS - If anyone is interested in becoming part of this company or website when it is up and running, please let me know.
So it's going to be like The Angry Video Game Nerd. Or the cheap knock off Irate Gamer?
It's going to be much more complex then those, eventually it will grow into a Game Design Division also.
University of Phoenix? Sounds cool and professional.