It has been a year since I was interviewed at EA, so I think it's safe to once again put Surreal Dreams and Fate back up onto the hub so at least they can get seen and be enjoyed by fans again.

Note that I still don't have time to maintain these games. I'm not inclined to re-release the source code because the kinds of things you'd want to add to the games would require reworkings of the entire code due to poorly designed code structures and functional programming, and I've never met anybody that motivated.

Also, old savefiles, although compatible with these versions, will need tweaking of the hub ID/etc. to get them working.

I DO still have plans to remake Surreal Dreams, but if it happens any time soon, I will have to use 2D graphics and therefore use Flash (which I have an official CS3 license for now :P). I have a really killer new design for it that will attract players from all genres and would like to see it become reality soon.

Well, enjoy :)
I was wondering whether or not BYOND Strategy should feature them again since the guidelines have changed. However, I then realized that I would add Dramstud's Medieval Conquest back if I could count on its helpfiles being stable. Therefore, Fate and Surreal Dreams are back in the featured list.

...Some hub icons for polish could make me feel a bit less guilty though. ;)
Thanks ACWraith :)

Yeah I'll get on the icons, I just don't know where they are at the moment.

They follow the guidelines for the most part, except maybe on documentation and presentation. They are old games and I had no sense of visual design back then so their interfaces and often graphics are pretty ugly. Fate's pretty well documented, and although there is plenty of help files on SD, it's a bit "wall of text" and it doesn't have a list of units and descriptions (though it has a general list of their factions and classes, and has a complete spell list).
Delete fuction of comments on the site doesn't work. ha
I'm good with icon making and coding. I've asked a couple of famous programmers on byond about learning the coding for dream maker. They really don't say anything, not sure if they cheated and took bunch of other games coding then just threw it tougher without learning it, not really sure how they got started with programming games on byond. Maybe you can help me out with my coding, mostly have an issue with finding the code I need for my rpg game. I should be helping Silk Wizard with some icon making for his new game. Oh well got banned from Surreal Dreams from Azyal server mostly for he said my name was like his or I stole it.
I'd just like to say that Fate doesn't seem to show on the hub when it's being hosted for some reason.

Stop whining for one.
Hey Kunark. Sorry to bump an old blog but:

My friend and I are coming back and playing Fate together after a long hiatus but there's a problem with the game.

We have a much older version of the game stored on a backup but it doesn't have some of the more newer features like auto drug routes and the like.

For some reason whenever we try to play the latest version on the website the game always makes all civilians have the entire game's arsenal when you recruit them. We've not killed any leaders and the Veteran All Weapon's option is disabled as well.

Also the Starting Member always starts with a MP5 instead of a Pistol.

I know you haven't touched Fate in a long time but do you know of any way to fix this? We'd really love to play it again soon.

We would really appreciate any help you could give. Thanks.