Heys guys, I am back on byond and zen is back!
Welcome back.
Well hooray... -_-....
Kanak, this is a sad day. Dragonball Zen is one of my favorite games but to be banned for personal gain by none other than Atriculo is a shame indeed Atri logs on he says "Time to do some damage" and bans me so i think you'd need to re-think making Atriculo a GM again for i don't even see why you made him GM in the first place.

All Atriculo does is backstab others and i don' see why you would want him on your staff i was the strongest person on DBzen and enjoying the game without breaking any rules(I was almost SSJ2) and i was hoping to strive in the community but now i see it impossible to do now that Atriculo/Xifiction/Frailen/Exgear is making a mockery of your game. I don't know WHY you let such fools onto your game but i do understand if they're your friends but i'd advise you not to let such fools onto your game for your game doesn't NOT need such troublemakers such as Cheetoz and Atriculo.
Kanak, this fool starts problems. I would advise you to not listen to a word she's ever said, she's notorious for spreading lies. Her current one is that Frailen is Atriculo, which happens to be hilarious.

About the "time to do damage", they were being disrespectful so while I was their hoping you would arive from away I decided to ban a few of the retards. Kanak, and listen to her post! She said "doesn't NOT need such troublemakers such as Cheetoz and Atriculo."

So he not not needs Cheetoz and Atriculo, thanks for telling him he needs us.
Atri logs on he says "Time to do some damage" and bans me

I now know atriculo for some time, I also had complaints like these about his way of enforcing, I actually ended up mailing the owner. But, everytime when I saw atriculo banning someone on a rude way, I never saw him banning without a good reason.

Also, why are you taking this to kanak's BLOG? This isn't quite the place to cry because you got banned from his game, is it? >:\
You might want to bring this to DBZen's forum or something, because this isn't quite the place for your complaints.

Well, it looks like that Arti is going into a "Time to do some Damage" mode. This situation will be taken care of. After I am complete with the new update for zen, i will be rehiring new "experienced GMs". Please for now do not complain about tings with zen. If one of my GM's are abusing their powers just send me a private message or an email and I will take of it.
Kanak, you didn't read my post. It was ME! He gave me his password long ago and when we got in a fight I changed it. It was me banning people.
Well Since He gave you his Pass..The fault should Lie on him. I'm sure he knows the Rule of Not giving out ur Pass...

Especially since he is a Gm on this game, He probably knew the damage that could be done if someone went on a game He Gm'd and banned people.

Anyways, The blame should Iy on this Arti person for giving out his pass.

Yayy Zen
Sup Kanak This DJQUICKAKA NIGHTMARE Just Dropin by to say was up and this game is tight still got skills i see name is Ein
I better see HLC.
THANK YOU FOR BRINGING BACK ZEN ITS MY FAV GAME IN BYOND,I WONDER PEOPLE SAY IF U BEEN IN ZEN FOR A LONG TIME YOU GET TO BECOME A GM,I HAVE BEEN THERE 4 OR 3 YEARS I THINK AND I HAVENT BEEN GM,I WISH I WAS GM IT IS MY DREAM TO BECOME GM IN ZEN,PLZ MAKE IT COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!