Control Problems
I received quite a few reports of characters over-moving and controls becoming "sticky" or "locking". In short, this is due to the game running behind; I hadn't tested on a slower computer so I never encountered the problem myself.

I am genuinely embarrassed such a serious issue made it into the release, even more so by the comments I've being pointed to on the BYOND forums.
I apologize for misleading users on the actual game, BYOND's controls aren't the problem.

I hope those users that experienced problems try the game one more time and disregard the problems of the earlier version.

What's different?
Not too much was added to this version. The major change was a complete rebuild of the collision system, which was the culprit in the past version for the slow-down.

I was in the process of separating the Mega Man parts from the engine when I read the comments of laggy controls so I had to shift gears to get a working demo out again.

A stage select screen has been added but only two of the stages are accessible now(Guts Man and Zero).

Mega Man can now slide. Charging animations and charge blasts are different.
Platforms have been improved.

Only two characters are available now, Mega Man and Proto Man. You can switch between these on the stage select screen.

Future updates?
My next goal is to separate Mega Man code from the engine so I can reuse the base for another platformer at some point.
I would like to add at least 4-8 stages and some boss powers and items.

Any multi-player yet?
Before I started working on getting this release together I had done a lot of work on getting two players moving around. Since it can't use BYONDs default network model, I had to set up a client/server model. Someone was nice enough to post a link to a demo but I was unable to learn or take anything from it so I had to create my own library.
Basically it sent "messages" back and forth between the server and multiple clients. If you've ever looked into dealing with networking in C++ games you'll have a good idea how this works.

I tested a very crude version(which just sent positions and control information many times per second) with Lufia.
The results were expected with the method used(characters were jumpy because of the time between updates) but short of that it was a successful test, we were able to run and jump around in the same area with around about 1/4 to 1/2 a second delay between us.
Obviously this is only a proof of concept as far as multi-player goes. A real game would apply smarter networking and estimate player movement to allow for a smooth experience.

I'm not promising anything as far as a multi-player platformer right now. Some people are interested in the possibility and I wanted to share my experiences thus far.
Good progress so far :]
Multiplayer would be cool.
Can't say I ever had any problems like that before but an update is welcome. But I did run into a problem fighting Zero.

I ran over to the left wall and as I touched it, both character sprites just disappeared. This was after a few tries at beating him. Not sure if that makes a difference.

Edit: Seems to happen after you try a few times
Thanks for the report. I'm not entirely sure what went wrong here but I'll do some research. If you find out how to reproduce it please let me know.

Multiplayer would be cool.

Out of curiosity, what kind of multi-player are people thinking about? A two-player option or more along the lines of BYONDS typical adventure/RPG games?
we were able to run and jump around in the same area with around about 1/4 to 1/2 a second delay between us.

That sounds pretty normal considering the distance between you and Lufia. I've got a 24,000kbps/15,000kbps connection and I still get that sort of lag on my bullets in Call of Duty 4 when playing against Americans (and thanks to their match making system I'm always playing against Americans. =( ).
I still have the problem of my movement locking up. I think it's the speed of BYOND's macros more than anything, as I have a tendency to hit keys really fast when I want to. Kakashi24142's K_KeyHandling library responds much faster, as 2 tenths of a second.
I took a look through the library and as far as I can tell, I'm already using this method.
He uses winset() to have a key_press and a key_release macro for each key. Although mine isn't dynamic it is setup the same way.

I have been able to replicate the problem by rapidly tapping left or right, eventually something fails and a key is still thought to be down. I'll do some debugging in my code, hopefully I can track down the problem and find a viable solution. Thanks for letting know the problem still exists.

Edit: After some quick testing with some text outputs, it seems BYONDs interface macros can miss a key up event if the key is pressed too rapidly. I can't be 100% certain it's a BYOND issue at this point.
For shooting, don't use the key+up macro to fire. Have him fire his initial shot first, then begin charging.

Fire the charged shot on key+up.
Kajika wrote:
Edit: After some quick testing with some text outputs, it seems BYONDs interface macros can miss a key up event if the key is pressed too rapidly. I can't be 100% certain it's a BYOND issue at this point.

Yeah, that's why I recommended Kkey_handling. BYOND responds at 1/2 of a second; Kkey_handling speeds that up to 1/5 of a second! In other words, rapid key strokes should affect the game less.
Bring back the host it yourself on DMO please? (when you have a chance)
Kajika some people on DMO have become dictators with hosting there own servers cough cough (james) i was wondering how do u host ur own server if it is at all possible cuz the other servers are lagging horribly since there are only 1-2 servers running daily
Hey kaj, could you give me the cgi-script you used for the rankings.. and i'll host it on my server?

My aim is ssj4punkrocker, My Msn is and my email is

plz get back to me.
Like it would be really cool if you did that for me, and for us at duelmonsters online.
Why don't you read the title of this memberpost? It's about Megaman; not DMO.
Does it really matter? He's gonna read this first before all comments. Fastest way to get into contact with him.
Right. And that worked perfectly for the same people who asked the same DMO questions one month ago.
I'm not in a position where I can deal with DMO at this time. Our server can still function with rankings fine, they were disabled for other reasons.

For the moment, I'm chipping away at both projects at a relaxed pace without any pressure.
I'm not questioning that your server can function with the rankings, It's just they're not up, we pretty much don't have anything exciting besides clan wars. Some people have gone to DMU, and it sucks cause your game is alot better than dmu will ever be. I just wanted to host the rankings on my server, since you don't want to at this time. i'm not asking for much, just a little file-attachment and send.

I made a rankings page, but it's only pure html/php.. I have to constantly edit it to increase a person's rank..etc. It would be alot better if I had the script you used, cause it's functional with the byond game itself and is fully-automated.

It also sucks cause you built dmo into a big project which has grown over the years into something great, even though dmo is slowly fading due to lack of updates, it's still one of the best byond games.

Please, if you remember me at all, you know i'm not the type of person to come out and beg you for something. I hope you re-consider.

Unfortunately it's not a matter of sending a script to upload, the game has to be modified to allow rankings to be applied. It was disabled in the current release and would need an update to allow it.

I have only recently started to look into completing the incomplete 6.0 update to DMO but don't have anything substantial to report except there will be some changes.
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