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Well, I haven't been around here much lately. I can't even remember the last time I signed into my pager. But every-time I come onto the website I seem to have messages from people who I am not talking to. I am assuming that they are getting messages from me, or something is getting mixed up, because I keep getting messages like "What?", or "Um?" or "I know a few things, what do you need?" Or "Why the hell are you asking me?" and other things that would seem to indicate some kind of conversation going on, that I am not part of. Is this some kind of error with the pager or website or should I be worried? Lol. It is kind of annoying. And these messages aren't from forum post, they don't have a location, so I am assuming that they are coming from the pager.
Either pager messagers, possibly game shoutbox messages, or replies to a classified ad. Apart from that, I can't really think of anything it might be.
If it were game shout-box messages or replies to a classified ad then it would show a location and I could easily find the source. Which is why I said it must be coming from the pager.
See if there's record of pager conversations in your updates log [ just click on the blue atom in the top left, which may also be orange, or orange and spinning. ]

Pager conversations should be listed in there, along with their author(s) - if there are no records of you sending messages, just messages coming in to you, then I'd guess it's either someone with a similar key to yours at fault, or ancient messages you send finally being replied to - is there a timestamp on the stuff you're getting?
Or a bug, in which case you should probably file a Bug Report.
I already checked there, that's how I know that I am getting these messages when I haven't been sending messages to these people. These are recent messages. All from within the last couple of days or weeks. I know I haven't been sending them messages because I haven't been logged on, and BYOND doesn't have any record of me messaging them either. Just random responses showing up on my web pager alerts.

I am asking on here, to see if anything else has the same issue before I post in the bug report section, because it it is easily fixable then there is no need.
There was an issue where pages could be accidentally sent to people you'd previously paged, but that should have been patched on Friday.
The last one I got was from yesterday. But these are messages from people I've never messaged before. Keys I don't even know, and aren't on my friend list thing, which is why it is so weird.
Ok, we'll have to see what's going on here. Moving to bug reports.
This happened to me awhile back, I didn't think much of it, though.
This seems to happen to me a lot. In fact, it just happened a few minutes ago:
@ 9:32 pm from ImmeasurableHate: "u should rename it the name is to long o.o"
I have no idea what that is in reference to, and I can't seem to respond to it through the website, nor did it show up on my actual pager.
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Lummox JR resolved issue
This turned out to be separate from the issue that was resolved the other day, but similar. All should be well now.
Thanks. =] I haven't gotten any strange messages lately.