your better then me anyway lol
Lol @ the moon on the paper one.
WOW Your So gOOD now even i can't do anything as good as that ^-^
I'm better :c
I challenge your dragon with a dragon of my own!

^ Winner
I like both!
.< well all i can say is that its better than my drawings
Screw the dragon. I'm more interested in the sponge wearing glasses right above it.

It's either that or a slice of swiss cheese.
I like the sponge wearing glasses idea, more creative than cheese =).
Obviously a moon

A sponge moon!
Oh, and BTW, SAx, your picture looks almost identical to what Runescape looked like when it first came out.
In response to A.T.H.K
A.T.H.K wrote:
Obviously a moon

A sponge moon!

more like cheese

Ok then.
and have at this too!
What's all this talk of moons? *coughs at his avatar*
Hmm probably this topic isnt serious at all, but if you really want to improve your pixel-art, dont draw oeki :P Its totally different thing. You should work on a lot smaller format. Looking at your first dragon, on paper, you've potential, lines arent that bad as you think they are, so you should really give yourself a chance :P

If you have problem with anatomy and shading: andrew-loomis-anatomy-books <- Andrew Loomis wrote really good book you can read here, everybody, beginners and pro's, will find something useful here, i think :)
Egor, i think this post is more than definatly not serious, i think tim was just trying to have fun with his art not actually improve, give him a break.

Actually it looked so fun i decided to ditch my drawing hand and i did this with my left :P


I wanted to chip in :P
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