Hey so this is my personal blog i figure i should post about myself and whats been going on with me. Basically the reason I havnt been kicking around on BYOND for the last two months is that I am in my last year of University, trying to finish on time in lue of having unused courses because of a double major program that i bailed out on, and therefor taking 6 courses a semester. So im super busy on school alone, also accounting does its recruiting for jobs in late september and the first half of october. So not only have i been stupid busy with my courseload I have been running around to "Info-Sessions" for big accounting firms and then writing up coverletters for these firms, applying for the jobs after redoing my resume and then attending interviews and now Im in the process of post interview office tours and exciting but exhausting things like that. So god help me Im busy, not only that but 4 of my classes have group project components which cause me to have to waste time organizing meetings and such which is very stressful. So yeah I have been one tired guy, the last of recruiting is comming up in the next two weeks so wish me luck. I also have to pass midterms and keep on track for my group projects and finals.


I miss being able to work on my game and such, Ill stop by once in a while to say hi.

Just do what you gotta do and come back to us... I'm sure there will be always a crowd of mad GOA players waiting for you with open arms <3
Good luck dude, hope all goes well.
You Can Do It ;O. Good Luck on Midterms and Job interviews, dont get too stressed out, It'll be fine. Just be confident in yourself ;P

GOA Peeps send thier <3
Good Luck
Yea, I remember my Software Engineering projects and having meetings every week... you're going to be busy for a while man. Good luck with that.
We all have time to wait for you, dude.
Good luck with your school works. WE all miss ya.
You logged in... I thought you died.