If you're logging onto Sigrogana Legend today and you've played before, you might want to be aware (if you're not already) that we're moving from client side saving to server side saving.

The bad news is that your characters will be lost. The good news is that any items in your house and your player houses themselves will be fine. So, if you get a moment between now and 5 PM EST, you might want to log in and drop your items and Murai in your house for safe keeping, as we've been suggesting all week.

If you're too late? Well, you're too late, I guess.

Just giving you guys a last heads up.
Why not release a small patch which allows them to load their client-side save files then save them server-side?

Give everyone a week to get their saves converted then abandon your client-side saving.
Antx, that's already been suggested and considered, and the reason why I'm not taking that route is because I also want to clear out some of the statistically bugged characters that cropped up during the very first bits of testing.
He probably just wants to clear out their vars completely.
You could always just check and see if the variables are outside of their normal parameters and just reset them upon login.

Clearing out character saves should be reserved as a last resort.
True, but that's a little impossible to do in a game with randomized statistical growth when there's no stored data on how the growth has been done.

This is basically the only situation where the character saves have been cleared out in the past several years, anyway, and will be the only willing character wipe.

Though, I appreciate you offering advice, nonetheless.
hey is it osible for a 24/7 server
is it posible for a 24/7 server?