Hey everyone BleachNinja here, Just Saying Hello xD
what is ur msn i can host mine is
Bleach ninja im just telling you that i can host for Naruto Unleashed im doublemaster9000 and my email is k
hi i can hosst heros within 24/7

aim :
yahoo :
Dude you are using my source >_>
You Took MY Pokemon Source And Gave Me No Credit >.>
Dude get your membership back >.>
just saying hi
How could you become captain on your bleach game?
i want to know how
Hello.Can i be host of your game?I can host 12/7 But atleast evryday not like your host!
when u going to have the bleach game back up
i wanna host your Bleach Generation X revised for 24/7
Why is your game not up .-.?There are a bunch of people who will host it...
can u add me on ur pager so we can talk this isnt about hosting