You've probably seen the trailers if you live in the UK. This is definitely worth watching - it's created by Charlie Brooker, who is a misanthropic cynical genius worthy of diogenes himself.

Just check out Screenwipe, a TV programme packed so full of a self-hating, overly contemptuous attitude towards television itself that it's basically really super awesome.

It's a must-see if you love TV, and totally unmissable if you hate it.

So yeah. Dead Set. Lookin' good. It's on next monday on E4 so keep an eye out.
I saw the ad on TV a few days ago, it looks good. I think its running straight for 4-5 days isn't it? Bit of a strange setup, but we'll see.

I do want to watch it, I hope it don't disappoint.
Will it be avalible on 4oD?
Um yeh, I thought it would have been better... but hey its a 6 parter so hopfully it will pick up i guess?
I think it's been pretty great so far! Horribly gorey, too.