Keywords: demo, warspite

I've now done some testing of the game while running over a network, and as I was half-fearing, it turns out to be irritating jerky, even when just playing over a small LAN. It seems that BYOND's networking just doesn't handle smooth pixel scrolling well.

It's mostly a problem with fast moving craft (like airplanes), so it will be less noticeable for the slower-moving ships which will form the main part of the game. I may just live with the problem, though there are alternatives such as making aircraft a non-pilotable craft.

I now have a <a href="" >demo available that shows off some of the game systems. You fly a torpedo bomber and destroy NPC ships and aircraft (which move around, but don't yet fire back).

Please bear in mind that this demo is quite different from the way I envision the final game (it's more like an action game than an RTS), there's no sound, and some of graphics are placeholders. The multiplayer support is also quite rudimentary.

Perhaps you should scrap the RTS idea and make it an action game ;). Or you could at least reuse the engine for an action game...