Event Mar 13 2012, 3:39 pm ID:505876
Apparently, none has sent his contest stuff yet?

Stephen001 - Nothing yet.
Synn Games - Nothing yet.
OrangeWeapons-Nothing yet.

Sorry if I forgot you but still, you sent nothing?
Expected so...I'm not sure what to do? Suggetions?
I was considering entering in this contest but I've been fairly unmotivated to do so. Perhaps because of how shoddily the contest appeared to have been organized, it felt like not many people were going to enter; the contest wouldn't have been worth the time and effort if it only promised few participants.

Not surprised at the final result, though I would have enjoyed looking through peoples' entries.
I thought it was to loose, the contest seemed to be weird when I was expected to send in code. Typically with contest, my goal is to get what I want the fastest way possible, so I don't exactly think that would show me off as a great coder. I'm still not sure to this day whether I was being judged on coding or whatnot.
Typically you're not judged based upon your code for these sort of contests. The sending in code deal is just to make sure that the game itself wasn't started before the given timeframe.
What Dark Saber said is true, also to check if you have not exceeded the amount of libraries allowed. I would not judge my how well the code is written for a 2-week project, but I'd judge by how buggy it is...