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Just finished my last exam for the year today. I now have this marvellous, magical thing called 'free time' until the end of the year.

This means I will have time to actually finish that dungeon generator. I'm just posting to say "I'm not dead, just a student"
Ugh, I've got an exam period starting on the 5th of December until the 19th. My last exam isn't until the 19th so I can't fly home early for Christmas :-(. Revision plus the two assignments I still have to hand in means I'm pretty short of this 'free time' thing you speak of.

Hope you did well in your exams!
I miss free time.
I have 1 exam this academic year, in July.
Our exams end on Dec. 12. I've been counting down since the start of October :\
My exams start from 1-5 Dec :(