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With some fairly heavy influence from one of my favourite console games ever - Shadowrun on the Sega Mega Drive, I've got about 2/3rds of the way through drawing building icons.

I still need to add some variation, internal corners, and of course doors. I also plan on having a few different tiles for each wall section (to break it up a little) and have maybe one or two more roof tiles since they're pretty gridtastic at the moment (although to be fair it's just a brown square with some browner lines drawn horizontally across).

I want the general graphical style of the new TitanNet to be much gritter and run-down than the cartoony older versions. I also plan on having two sets of object images - one for stuff on the floor, one for stuff in inventory - so that players can get a good look at their stuff.
Still a long way to go, but I'm getting there.

[EDIT] Added version with roof shadow - I'm actually surprised at how much better this makes the image look, so thanks DarkCampainger!

[EDIT2] A more interestingly shaped building.
Wow, that looks pretty cool!

I think you're missing a shadow on the roof itself, though.

Is the setting modern or futuristic?
Sort of half and half to be honest - energy weapons and some tech augmentations are available, but are pretty basic. All players have a device which acts kind of like a Pip-Boy - giving vital stats, tracking inventory etc. but which also has an AI which boosts skills and can be upgraded to provide extra features.
As the player levels up, the AI learns to do more stuff (the player can choose what to put points into) such as dispensing painkillers or medicine, and at much more advanced levels, using nanomachines to heal wounds and providing the player with a ballistic shield.