As you may have noticed, I've been almost completely missing from BYOND over the past year. Given that my membership will expire soon (don't worry, I've still got plenty of BYONDimes credit in my account if I ever want to renew) I thought I'd drop back in and tell y'all what I've been doing instead.

Also, there's a big announcement at the end of this post...

Mostly I've been at university. I've got one year to go of my four-year degree, having just finished my third year.

When I haven't been doing that, though, I've been continuing work on Mayhem Intergalactic, formerly known as YAGSACG (see left sidebar). Check it out if you haven't already; and if you did check it out a while back, I encourage you to take another look, because it's been significantly improved from the early versions. It looks better, sounds better, and feels better.

It's also won me a few awards. In February I went to the 2008 Game Developers Conference, due to winning an Independent Games Festival Student Showcase award. Last month I went to Melbourne and scored not one but two ATOM Awards, each of which came with a shiny shiny trophy and some awesome loot - including a drawing tablet and a commercial 3D package which normally costs $3,000 USD. (XSI 7 Essentials, in case you're wondering. Haven't installed it yet, I've been too busy.)

The big announcement

After sitting on this piece of news for months, I can now reveal that Mayhem Intergalactic will soon be coming to Steam, Valve's flagship digital distribution system. This is very exciting, since the one thing Mayhem Intergalactic has really been lacking is widespread exposure and distribution, and that's something that Steam can grant in spades.

Also, I might actually earn some money from it for a change. Which would be nice. :-)
Wow, congratulations are due on all fronts!
Uh, i tried to download updates but it said it couldn't find my e-mail address.

I bought it a few months ago when you had it on sale for ten bucks. I do have a paypal receipt for 9.99 to paypal [care of] stormcloudcreations [dotcom]

my e-mail is airjoe12 [hosted by] gmail [dotcom]
I'm really glad to hear it will be on Steam. You will make a bunch of money on first release, and then a slow trickle there after. To help support you, I plan on buying a copy on Steam, despite already buying a copy when it was first released.

I'll also send out an announcement on the BYOND Steam group, so hopefully we can get most BYONDers on Steam to buy it.
Good stuff sir.

But that award says ACT, I thought you lived in Sydney? How long have you been in the ACT?
Now that you've got some free 3D program thing, you've got no excuse not to turn YAGSACG into a 3D massively multiplayer online role playing game!
Congrats. Sounds pretty awesome.
Congratulations, Crispy. I'll be mentioning MI to all the CS students I know in Adelaide Uni. Maybe you can be the next Introversion Software. Except, well, not British.
Congrats crispy! That's really exciting. Can't wait to brag to people that I know a famous Steam game maker ;)
Oh nice. Congrats to you, Crispy! I'll be looking forward to it on steam, for sure. Hurry up, kay? :D
Making successful Indie games. That's an interesting power. *sound of clocks ticking*
@Hazman, Danial, Tib, Fizzy, Jp, DivineTraveller: Thanks guys!

@Airjoe: Grrr... yet another sale the SoftCartPro guy didn't tell me about. Pity I'll never see any of that money!

Should be fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience. If anyone else runs into that problem, forward me your receipt and I'll fix it up.

@Danial: Yeah, I'm aware it'll tail off. Always does! We'll see how it goes over the long term. Excellent idea about the BYONDers Steam group, that'd be great.

@Tib: Reports of my living-in-Sydney-ness have been greatly exaggerated. =P I've lived in Canberra all my life. (Don't believe the lies; I've never seen a federal politician in person. They hide when it's light out.)

@Elation: Yes sir, right away sir.

@Kunark: Hehe, be my guest. Make sure you plug the game when you do that... ;-)

@Nadz: LOL. You continue to rock.

Wait... you're not joking? But... you're good now... right? Right??? Stop looking at me like... *oof* Aiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeee!!!
/me glomps CriSpy
Aww man! If I'd known that, you could have like, swung by the Aboriginal Embassy when I was there for a day. We could have totally geeked out!

@Tib: Ah well. Next time?
Crispy wrote:

@Tib: Ah well. Next time?

I don't think I'll be making a trip to the ACT anytime soon. My ex-ex-girlfriend lives there, and I try to remain two states away from her at all times. Maybe next time you're in Melbourne. We can convince Dark View to come out for a cuppa.
Crispy wrote:
@Airjoe: Grrr... yet another sale the SoftCartPro guy didn't tell me about. Pity I'll never see any of that money!

Should be fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience. If anyone else runs into that problem, forward me your receipt and I'll fix it up.

Oh wow, you never even got the money for that? :[

I'll be sure to buy it again some time after it comes out on steam, it's really a great game!
I appreciate the sentiment! Don't feel obliged though.

If you really want to support me and my games, the best way you can help is to spread the word. Not just about the Steam version, but also the direct sales version (of which I get a bigger cut). Whether you make a forum post or talk about it in a chat room or mention the game to friends or whatever, every little bit counts.

Let me know if you still can't download your update, by the way.
Incidently, the screen shots on this page come up as 404 when clicked.
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