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Especially those who said how bad Obama was trashing Clinton and voted for McCain. Heck, from what I have seen, Obama has even been in talks with McCain to keep him involved. And McCain seems pretty happy with Obama, especially the Napolitano pick. Lindsey Graham commended the HRC pick. Everyone seems to be playing nice now. I wonder how long it will last....
McCain is a devoted centrist--it's his first instinct to reach across the aisle, which is probably what upset a lot of the conservative base and kept them home on Election Day. But there were also comments to the effect that the two seemed to generally like each other during the debates.

For Hillary, I think this is a chance for her to remain politically viable until 2012 and gain a certain cachet that will play well with general voters and the base. There is considerable reason to think that with the economy Obama inherited, his instincts on taxation, and gas prices set to re-skyrocket, he'll implode like Jimmy Carter. If he does, then if the Republicans can't field a better candidate the race will belong to Clinton.