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So, I have had a great week. First off, I submitted to Crispy's auditions for achievement icons. I must admit the first set I didn't take so seriously and after a quick email I took everything he said into mind and actually put effort into them and came out with these:

I don't officially have the job or anything, but he liked them. There's actually a newer version of the crown, but it's nothing really big.

So as if that's not good enough, shortly after I recieved a phone call. It was Edward, from Nick's Photo Studio. ( I had applied a few weeks back as a graphic designer, I assumed they didn't want me so completely forgot about them! ) He apologized because he's the Studio Manager and had been busy, he then asked if I could start tomorrow. Once I said yes, he welcomed me to the team. So I now finally have a JOB.

As for the cherry on top - I graduated my PHP and MySQL class. I think I learn more from my idol/friends Mobius and Tiberath. They always give me advice only someone who's been with the language a while would know. Either way, it's something. And now I plan to goto ITT Tech and go for a degree as a web developer. The only thing is they use ASP, which of course I'm not too fond of. I hear it's a lot like PHP but not free, and Microsoft. I think I'm more scared of it being a Microsoft thing then anything.

This week's been a blast.

In the end, I'm content. And I'm also going to be on vacation January 6th to the 12th I believe. Going to California to visit the girlfriend while she's out of University and on break.
I know many people bash, but I personally love it. It is nice being able to learn one language and use it for both web and app development. Whoever told you asp is not free lied, you can do in notepad if you want, all you need is the .net framework installed. Microsoft offers a free IDE also that is great.

The main complaint is hosting is not cross-platform, but there is a third-party project being made I don't know how good it is though.

If you love MYSQL you can still you use it with, all you need to install is MYSQL'S .NET connector for free.

I personally want to learn to make websites with php, java server pages and, you won't miss out on any web development jobs then. Where I live most web development jobs are for sites using C# though.
Gratz and the pics look cool. =)
There's also a project going that allows you to make applications using PHP. I never really got into the idea, but it's there.

I don't remember what it's called, but you can find a link to it from most likely.