Keywords: mmorpg, rune, weaver
So work on the actual content of my game has begun; about time.

Disciplines are chosen by players to customize their character. The Primary Discipline is basically the equivelant of a class. Rune Weaver is one such discipline.

A Rune Weaver can tattoo runes onto their body and weaponry, as well as weave runes in the air to conjure a desired effect.

The rune weavers body can be tattoo'd in various different general areas (hands, arms, legs, torso, head, feet), and the 4 elemental runes (Fire Earth Air Water) cause different effects depending on where they are placed. More of the same type of rune in the same location increases potency.

Examples include:

Lightning shield that surrounds the rune weaver, striking back at those who attack him. (Air runes on Torso)

An attack that binds the oponent with water, causing them to slow their movement speed for a period of time (Water runes on arms)

The hands of the rune weaver move faster, allowing them to parry at greater speed (Air runes on hands)

The rune weavers body is hardened by the earthen runes, allowing them to sustain more hits and making severing of limbs a great deal more difficult (Earth runes on legs).

Runes tattoo'd onto the head (1 rune only) grant a long-time reuse ability that is of great power, such as a wall of bracken, a lance of fire, etc.

In addition to this, weaponry can also be enchanted with runes. And rune weavers can weave different combinations of runes (Fire Death = A fireball-like attack) to conjure effects.