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I have recently noticed that releasing public information about your games progress can be a motivating factor for the programmer. People such as ACWraith and Tiberath have done such a thing and received decent feedback. I guess I can see how showing your games progress could make people anticipate your games release as they already know what to expect due to your open development. I tend to believe close development would work much better for me, but I'll give this open development a shoot.

As of lately, I have been experimenting with several game ideas that I have floating around in my head. One idea I had was quite similar to Ragdoll Masters, which of course uses ragdoll physics. So after reading countless tutorials and enlightening pages, I failed to correctly recreate these physics. But there is no doubt in mind that I will combat to this idea at a later date.

Ragdoll Masters

I then watched several brutal videos of the indie game, Toribash. I then wondered what this game would be like if it was real-time. Obviously I can not create such a work of art right now, so I thought of a basic idea which is somewhat similar to it.



As you can clearly see, this picture displays the joints and bands. Once the game starts the "doll" will be facing you, his left hand will be holding a shield about the size of two hands while his right hand will be holding either a sword or a spiked ball. If you would like to walk, then you must drag each leg to the desired location. For those who have played Ragdoll Kung Fu, manually having to move the legs in that game is what I am trying to achieve.

I never intended the "doll's" to have air combat (as seen in dragonball z) or be able to jump. Though, after replaying the game play over and over in my head, I realized that this may be a necessity. Just walking back and forth attacking objects/dolls will get quite boring after some time. Since it would be hard to incorporate jumping and having to move each arm fast enough before you hit the ground, I may add a slow-mo feature. Perhaps every time you jump the game will slow down. Since this game will not be tile based, I should be able to use tick_lag to my advantage and still pull of nice looking attacks.

Now the fighting system will need to be excellent if I want to keep a player's attention. I am still writing down ideas but the only thing I have down that may be solid is having players drag their "doll's" sword wielding arm towards the enemy attempting to hit them. Then the player can drag their "doll's" shield wielding arm trying to block a counter attack.

What I am trying to avoid

Now I can imagine this would be a very slow paced combat game and nothing similar to Toribash. Of course, I would have several different types of weapons, but the weapons mean nothing if the game sucks. So what do you recommend I should do with combat? I really want to avoid using the keyboard at all cost, unless it is necessary.
Disclaimer: I've read about the games you're being inspired by, but I have not played them.

I don't think you'll need keyboard input.

As for it being slow, I could envision a version with simultaneous turns where energy has to be managed in order to move nodes, but I don't know if that's what you're going for.

That said, it wouldn't have to be turn-based to use energy management. You could make node movement cost energy, allow energy to regenerate over time, and allow players to spend energy making time go slower or faster. [Edit: Forcing time to go faster should probably slow down one's regeneration rate.] If a player wanted to pull off some sort of high powered jump attack, they could spend energy to slow down time enough to move in midair.

Overall, you're making me want to revisit my limb-based fighting game, called Martial Parts. It's not based on physics at all, but you jogged my memory. ;)

Ragdoll Kungfu is pretty insane. It's hella trippy... :P

Anyway, if you need help with the physics, I'd love to help. I've got a good amount of experience with implementation of physics, so yeah. >_>

Add some ranged attacks, like arrows or something to it. Maybe even a gun or cannon or rocket launcher or laser cannon or something. It would add a little more depth and replay value.

Personally, I've been thinking about what to do with my platforming engine when I'm done with it. I've been playing a lot of Ratchet and Clank recently, so I've been thinking something with gravity manipulation and or slowing down time.
AcWraith: This is actually a great idea, energy management. I was going to allow unlimited attacking, which you can obviously see, would not have worked out. Also, care to tell me a little about your limb-based fighting game?

D4RK3 54B3R: I like Ragdoll Kungfuís idea a lot; I just hate how you have to build power by rotating the mouse pointer. Also, moving the mouse pointer was too slow (unless you can adjust the speed?).

Thanks for the offer; Iíll probably ask you for help as I go further with this project.

Jeff8500: I thought of something similar to the Kamehameha. You would probably move your hands together and right click. Using AcWraithís idea of energy management, if you have enough energy you can pull off the move. I also thought of a bow and arrow, where you can use your mouse to aim the arrow, pull back (according to how far you pull back is how much power the arrow will have), and let go.

Iím not sure if I would want any type of gun in this game, but cannons could work. Each map could have a unique ground weapon in which you could use to your advantage. Of course there are disadvantages to using them. Such as the cannon, you can no longer block an attack and it will take a while to reload.
Martial Parts was just going to be a top-down game on a grid where limbs could stretch with energy management. Each body and limb would be aligned with a Chinese element. Wherever parts touch, the conflict would be resolved by following the relationships between elements.

At one point, I was going add Zodiac alignments as well. However, the Zodiac and Kung Fu animals don't fully line up. I ended up creating a deck called Chi ZE in PathWrath 2 instead.
I actually had thought of a ragdoll system awhile back. Beings I don't understand the math the way I was considering doing it was to have one certain color = were I want my limb to join with whatever. Afterwards I would just use BYOND's little GetPixel() proc to find that certain color and place the limb correctly. Afterwards I would just make some fancy way of making the limbs move..

Created it... Works pretty decently ^-^.. Took about 30 minutes.
Ss4toby: That's an interesting idea but I still doubt it would work for my original concept. I'm going to read more about ragdoll physics before I attempt to create such a project.