Marking the anniversary that I am now 3 years too old to be here!

Im 21 ;)

Also ill be MIA for the next few days as
a) I havnt had much to drink for like 3 months
b) I just finished 6 finals that were brutal
c) Its my freaking birthday
d) Therefor I have reason to believe I'll be getting really drunk and winding up blind and frostbitten on the side of the street with a birthday hat and kazoo and may never make it home.
Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday, your life is getting shorter, Happy Birthday, you're starting to get fater, HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY! Its 1 less year we'll have you
Its ok Masterdan, i love you platonically, but if you pay me enough, i'll do some things >.>
Happy Birthday Dan :)
thnx :)
lol have fun getting drunk dude and happy B-day
lol have fun getting drunk dude and happy B-day
Masterdan, is my new friend. And i'm very lonely >.> so i picked him. I LOVE YOU, can you buy me some wine >.>
Heh ? 21 now eh Masterdan ? Happy Birthday Bro.
Happy B-Day, Dan

Get Drunk and Party All Night Long!!
Oh my god, you're an old person. >:o

Have a good one.
Happy Birthday,
Remember you are trialed as an adult now. Over the limit, Under arrest xD
Go get drunk and gtfo. =P
Happy birthday.
SOO drunk1!! :O omg.

Hey, so yeah everybody si so erious on byond htese days. Have you noticved. Im like, way over the drunk and Holy crap am i ever drunk,. I hope you guys figure your gamnes you but man, drinking is a good chice. honestly. Wow am i ever drunk. Why did i bookmark this bpost.!!
Are you doing on purpose or are you that drunk...
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