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Not too long ago I got an idea of creating a single player platformer where users can draw lines to help them complete levels. I got pretty far; all it needed was more obstacles, a story mode, and a map creator. But I lost interest mid way and stopped working on the game. Originally, this game was named "WoodnString" but I just changed it to LineWalk Demo seeing as this is an incomplete demo.

In this demo I used my c_pixel library. This dealt with nearly all of the pixel related stuff in this demo. For example, it allowed me to define the collision box of an object by setting its x1, x2, y1, and y2. I also used my Pixel Mouse Drag demo which allows me to drag on a tile, pixel by pixel. (Both the library and demo have not been released)

I know this demo is quite choppy at the moment as there are several bugs in this demo, one is with the movement. Pressing right and left and then letting go one of the keys will sometimes make you run faster. Also, switching from left to right, or vice versa, very fast will not allow you to move. I know how to fix these problems but I am far too lazy to do so at this moment. I also cannot find out why this bug occurs, but randomly the game will crash while jumping on the spring box.

Hopefully I'll finish this game one day, I like the concept and potential. I can see a huge community in which they create challenging maps. Have fun with this test demo!

Arrow Keys - Move
Left Click - Draw Line
Right Click - Erase Line

P.S. I'm still working on the concept I posted two days ago, I just wanted to stop this from rotting away on my desktop.
For those who had the game crash on them, please look in the games folder and see if anything was reported in error.txt. Or if you found out a way to reproduce this bug, please do tell.
Reminds me of lemmings. :]
1) Press & hold right
2) Tap left
3) Watch move animation go away as your character slides right.
Vermolius wrote:
1) Press & hold right
2) Tap left
3) Watch move animation go away as your character slides right.

Thank you Vermolius,

After looking at my source, I see removing this bug will only cause another bug to occur. Hopefully I will find a way to fix this problem.

Quite nice, Good work :P
Out of curiousity... How did you make this? I can think of one way. Create an object that has 32 objects in it's location. Each with 1 pixel and 1 dot with say a 1 alpha. Afterwards just track which object you drag your mouse over.... Or did you actually find a way to track variables while mouse down/some other mouse proc? Either way, nice work...

P.S. Sorry I am sorta off topic..