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"You have one health point left and there are several enemy tanks surrounding you…"

This is a common situation in Bombard, which is a BYOND classic. Upon logging in, the user is greeted with a general guide that will teach them how to play this simple, yet addicting, game. Players can choose their tanks color by selecting its RGB. Essentially, as the guide states, Bombard is an artillery game where players take turns calculating trajectories and setting up shots attempting to take out their opponents.

The game is fairly simple, but what makes it a little more challenging is the addition of wind, which can alter a shot. You get one point every time you hit an enemy and you get a four point bonus if you take out the player completely. Two points are subtracted from you when you die while four will be subtracted if you commit suicide.

With the points you have accumulated over time, you can use them to buy secret weapons. These weapons can only appear once per game and can be expensive. But the damage they create is priceless.

In order to win this exhilarating game, you must put yourself over thirty points, but this is not as easy as it may sound.

The guide in Bombard is rather straightforward, but it is informative. It explains all of the basic rules in this artillery game and it also tells you about each secret weapon.

The graphics for this style of game is tolerable, but I feel that the tank does not fit in well with the terrain. The map is randomly generated each time a new game starts, which will lead to players having a different experience each time.

One downfall to this game is that there is no sound; it would be nice to hear explosions from the missiles hitting player’s tanks and the ground.

This artillery game really does not add anything new to the well known artillery genre. There are a ton of games which are extremely comparable and there are even some that are a lot better. But with being the first artillery game for BYOND, I will give it a few points in this category.

Bombard is no doubt a beloved BYOND classic that people of all ages can enjoy. Even though Leftley no longer works on this, users can easily lose track of time while battling their friends or foes. It would be pretty neat to see Leftley update this game with a nice looking interface, but I do not see this happening anytime soon as he has mysteriously disappeared. I would recommend this game to any person looking to waste hours, while having fun!
Very Nice and detailed review.
Thank you, Yash. I actually had to play the game by myself to do this review because I haven't played this game for such a long time. I just hope people will view this and decide to play it.
You forgot that the physics on this one are a bit messed up. Wind changes randomly, sometimes within your shot, and it affects a cannonball way too much. Unless that 5 stands for 500 MPH an hour, it shouldn't change its course by that much.