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Poll: Which character looks the best?

A 29% (16)
B 46% (25)
C 9% (5)
D 14% (8)

The polls are now closed.

Sadly, I am having quite a difficult time trying to chose the graphic style along with the character graphic for LineWalk. After a day of looking through a ton of graphics ranging from the game Shift 3 and Exit 1, I have came up with these four choices.

Out of these four characters, one of them will be the one you will play in my game. Of course, the one that is chosen will be revamped to look a lot cleaner. So my question is what character, if any, looks the best? I am willing to take suggestions for both the characters and the game.
I like C.

You said you were going to make the backpacks red, and i think that would be really cool for a look.

Id also suggest actual eyes with an open and closing animation. Itd be pretty cool for the style IMO.
A is too cool to get rid of. You should allow people to select one of those 4. I like A and B the best.
Pmitch, that would be neat having the characters blink. Nice idea.

Zaltron, I also like A but I feel that it will not fit the graphic style I am leaning towards for the game. After thinking about it, since this game will have a online mode, I may allow people to choose from B-D.
A looks like a moogle.. I <3 FF
I like B, it looks kind of like it's slouching under the wait of the backpack, but not too much. It also doesn't look a little disfigured, like C.
DT: I have never heard of a moogle, but with a quick search on Google, I can see how they may resemble each other. Just mine doesn't have the gigantic hideous nose.

Jeff, I also like B the most. C was supposed to have a beanie but he ended up looking like a deformed alien. For D, it has Bs head and Cs body.

For those who do not know, I am leaning towards the silhouette style. Wilhelm_Gross-4.jpg
This is the reason why I believe A will not work.
This sort of reminds me of the Sabotage mock up by adamatomic. I;m doing something similar with my game, except yours looks purely silhouette.

I thought C was wearing a Beret or something.
I kind of prefer A. It seems like if you polished that up, and animated it, it would look much more unique than the others.
Calus CoRPS wrote:
For those who do not know, I am leaning towards the silhouette style.

I like that idea. It's pretty unique, similar to the approach some Nintendo developers are taking with Mad World.