Hey everyone,
I have never had a blog before and this is my 1st time, yes I am a virgin to the whole bloggersphere.
But I have been on byond for quite some time. Almost 6 years now and it's true that you can never really "quit" byond. I just end up coming back. I recently got a job at a local grocery store which gave me some extra cash to throw around, so I decided to buy myself a Byond membership but to my surprise the darn thing cost 18 bucks. Darn Economy.

Well, at the moment I have two hobbies, the first being hacking my Iphone. In the process of hacking said Iphone I Brick it about 3 times all of which I pissed my pants for because that is a very expense piece of equipment. I am addicted to a game called Field Runners
which is a wonderful app and for everyone who has an Iphone I suggest you get it =]. I dont like that fact that more and more people are getting an Iphone. It seems to be headed in the same direction of the RAZR where everyone and their grandmother has one. But all in all its a great phone.

My other Hobbies is trying to become a Pick-up Artist. After watching the show on Vh1 what shares the same name, I said to myself "Thats so simple I can do that"! So I stared to read, watch, and try everything that I possibly could find online
and it worked. I had always been that kid who found a girl he liked became friends with her listen to her about all the problems she was having with boys and trying to solve her problems. All that time i was silently screaming "LOOK at me! I am a nice guy!." But it never worked and time and time again the same thing would happen. After ingesting all that I could online I realized that everything that I had been going was wrong and that explained why my luck with women was so poor. It been 3 months and I am no were near done and have made some great strides.

All in all i would like to maintain posting blogs. Its kinda cool. Thank-you for reading and until next time.