I'm a little late to the party, but I've just started playing the Star Wars Galaxies.

It's not the greatest but it does do a few things really well. They didn't lock out major features just to include them as progress rewards. I'm only level 13 and I've had a Z-95 Headhunter that's capable of hyperspace travel for quite some time.
I don't have to catch the space bus until level 40 simply because they needed something cool to unlock on a milestone level.

I don't mean to sound like a brat with no attention span, but ever since I got my first mount in World of Warcraft I've been unable to play on the low levels. The game just can't hold my attention when I have to run across the countryside for ten minutes just to kill goats in a cave, then walk another ten minutes back to where I started to get told to go back out there and kill an elite goat.

I actually follow the quest plots in SWG because I don't have to gather as many quests for an area as possible and do them all at once. I can do the quests one by one and not waste three hours walking.

That said, the game is really dated and the engine is pretty bad. I don't think I'll play longer than a month or two. So anyone know of any other sci-fi MMORPG's that let you fly spaceships and own droids without pouring in weeks of effort?
My friend says they ruined it when they made it so everyone and their mothers can be Jedi.
I know I sound like an loser when I say it, but seeing Jedi prancing around showing off their lightsabers during the Imperial Era is just stupid.
Nah, not really. Seeing a bunch of Jedi prancing around showing off their lightsabers during the Imperial Era is stupid.
Why is your blog off-centered to the right?
It's a CSS problem I never got around to fixing (on all my PC's it displays 'properly' so I usually forget about it before I get the chance to deal with it).
Technically it doesn't need to be fixed so much as the entire layout needs to be re-written from scratch. I was at work when I wrote the majority of it, and I really couldn't be bothered actually learning CSS, so the layout you see is pretty much the byproduct of poking notepad until I got something readable.
Maggeh wrote:
My friend says they ruined it when they made it so everyone and their mothers can be Jedi.

Honestly, this was only one of the things that ruined it. When they brought in the expansion that allowed you to fly ships (Jump to Lightspeed, was it?), IIRC, they started to take away a bunch of the good professions. I think they pretty much removed all of the good ones.
Yeah. It seems that if a profession isn't combat centric then it's completely useless.

Lucky for me I like things like shooting down TIE Fighters and fighting thugs, so it works well for me (although I can't find anyone who will make me ship parts).

Still, I'm tempted to find one of these SWGEmu servers I've been hearing about just to see what pre-CU SWG was like. Although I've got a feeling it'll be a really crappy experience like Warcraft private servers (completely imbalanced, poor performance, etc).
Hey DarkView!, I'm here on behalf the the Duel Monsters Online community... There seems to be a major flaw in server lated issuses latly for everyone. Every time the game is hosted by anyone DMO just locks up and states that "The Version Cannot be Verified, and please check your internet connection" or some jazz like that. Anyway!, as a result DMO can no longer be hosted, is there anyway to contact Kajika, because I remember you were once a part of his staff members. Well, if you can't it doesnt matter, but thanks anyway just for reading my post.
Next time I talk to Kajika I'll try and remember to bring it up.
Actually Darkview, a few of the older DMO players have been trying to figure out this issue, as well as a few others. I have been around dmo for about 5 1/2 years now. So I'm pretty well known and haven't really caused much trouble. (You might remember me.) There were a few mysteries about DMO that some of us have always wondered about. I wondered if you could give me any way to contact Kaj myself for the community we have. And if it's faster, I could ask him about the servers if you would like. (If it's more convenient.)

It's just that last time DMO was down for about 6 months or so. It took another 4 or 5 for all the regulars to come back. I'd just rather not have to wait that long if it stays down again for that long. Kinda takes the fun away when no one is on. Half the fun of DMO for us older members is messing around on worldchat.

Anyways, if you want, just post it on here. Or you could e-mail it to me or something.
AIM= CamMoronthe16th

Thx Darkview